How to create compelling content for social media

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Media consumption habits have shifted, fundamentally altering the way consumers engage and interact with information and organisations. The adoption of the Internet and social media, has created an always-on world, where consumers are demanding a richer and real-time engagement with the products and services they chose to engage with. For the most part, the line between personal and private space has vanished, as consumers invite brands into their social streams, in an effort to unlock a more personal and compelling relationship. The question organisations are asking themselves in this attention economy is: how can we break through the clutter, to provide content that is relevant and compelling to our audiences? This session seeks to highlight the foundations of a successful content strategy and how it fits into the broader digital strategy. Relevant case studies will be explored, highlighting examples of organisations that have mastered the art of creating engaging narratives, both with and for their audiences.

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  • 1.Twitter: @Casey_ek_se

2. How doaudiences engage with Whocontent?@Casey_ek_se 3. How do audiences engage with content?1. By name, market and thought leadership2. SearchWho3. By invitation4. Holy grail5. Advertising@Casey_ek_se 4. How do audiences engage with content?1. By name, market and thought leadership2. Search3. By invitationWho4. Holy grail5. AdvertisingPAID I EARNED I SHARED I OWNED@Casey_ek_se I PESO I 5. Social media strategy on apage, m eets PESOEngage whereDrive them toour audiences where we canare 6. Unlocking compelling content 6 7. But first the goodnewsWho 8. Unlocking compelling content What makes news? Dog bites man? Man bites dogthe new, unusual, different.Trends or change. Winners and losers. Be current. Heroes and villains. Criticism and controversy. Primary research. Unique content. Entertain. Do the unexpected. Add value. Free stuff.@Casey_ek_se8 9. Unlockingcompelling content Leverage multimedia, explore the medium Video, images, infographics, Facebook apps Think in headlines short and tweet Offer the white paper for free, but also have the highlights of the news in 3-5 tweets, so people can consume and share the info, suggest a short hashtag. Help the humans, to help themselves.@Casey_ek_se 9 10. Unlocking compelling content Build it and they will come? No ways! Optimise for search (remember 80% ?!?!) Encourage your audience to tell your story Sharing options Social media press release Social media press office@Casey_ek_se 10 11. Search engineoptimisationBest practices@Casey_ek_se 11 12. Buildingblocks Who@Casey_ek_se 13. A few building blocks1. Plan ahead content schedule is key2. Stakeholder engagementWho3. Have fun, its social after all?@Casey_ek_se 14. Brands that succeed in the digital age, put a MASSIVE bullseye onthemselves, allowing audiences to give contenta life of its own. Who Dave Senay CEO, Fleishman-Hillard 15. 60+ years. 80+ offices. Performance. Impact. Results.@Casey_ek_se