Successfully Using iPads in the Classroom

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Presented by Charlene Cullen at South Gippsland Specialist School - Nov 2012

Text of Successfully Using iPads in the Classroom

  • 1. Tips & Tricks for using iPadsin the classroom

2. 3. 4. The upside Cool factor Lower cost Portability Battery life Multiple uses Growing number of apps Moderate learning curve 5. The downside Backups Potential distractions for user Limited range of accessibility options iPad seen as a cheap fix Potential expense if not going to meet individualsneeds Lack of guidelines to help consumers make informeddecisions 6. iPad basics Physical features Organising apps Multitasking tray Rotation lock/volume Taking a screenshot Gestures 7. Tips and Tricks Restrictions Hide iPad apps Language Avoid deleting apps Stop in app purchasing Game Center Settings within apps 8. Accessibility In built accessibility features Settings -> General -> Accessibility Vision Voice Over Zoom Magnification White on black display Large text Assistive Touch Guided Access* 9. Access Options Styli, switch interfaces, mounting systems, key guards,gloves and keyboards 10. Accessories CasesiGuy Gripcase Big Grips 11. How do we determinewhich apps (tools) areappropriate? 12. Assessment Frameworks 13. App Rubrics Originally created by Harry Walker: Edited, with permission, by Kathy Schrock: Updated by Greg Alchin 14. Action ResearchIn 15. Sandpit Meet regularly Time to play with apps Discussion and review 16. Peer Reviews Websites Broxtermans Bugle SpedApps2 Apps for Children with Special Needs Digital Media Diet Inov8 Educational Consulting iEar Education Apps learning/sources-for-quality-app-reviews 17. Video demonstrations YouTube or Vimeo 18. How do we find apps? 19. Apps that find appsAutismAppAdvice Apps 20. Social Media Facebook Groups and Pages iTeach Special Education- iDevices in Special Education iTeach: Apps for the Classroom Educational App Talk Resources for Special Needs Australia Twitter #spedapps #AACapps #spedchat 21. iTunes App Store - Education Reading Writing Special Education 22. App Store - Genius 23. App store Top Charts