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  • 1. Mapping your route to workforce competitiveness U n d e r stan d i n g M i sso ur i s Wo r k Re ad y C o m m un i ti e s

2. Missouris Certified Work Ready CommunitiesBy strengthening your local workforceyour communitycan prosperand grow! 3. How does It Work in each County?The Certified Work Ready Community is avoluntary initiative guided by key community leaders in your county. 4. Why CWRC is economically significantSome outside professional observationsRegarding workforce. 5. Manufacturing Institute Skill Report 20111000+ employers surveyed 6. 2012 Top Site Selection Factors1. Workforce skills2. State and local tax structure3. Transportation infrastructure4. Flexibility of incentive programs5. Utility infrastructure6. Land/building costs and supply7. State economic development strategy Frommagazine 7. And More . . .Top States for Business 2011 When we talk to prospective clients, their No. 1 issue every time is workforceJim Anderson, head of Virginia Economic Development Partnership 8. Developers Benefit Partnership with ACT is making real-time workforce skilldata available, updated each month Universal inventory of counties workforce assets/skills Target resources and recognize local opportunities 9. 1 Chamber or many ?Chambers can lead the way Regional Chambers can leverage support 1 person chambers can be supporters/drivers 10. Employer Gains Finding the right employees Eliminate guesswork in hiring Reduce turnover/help productivity Becoming a business champion helps you andyour community 11. Education :Career/Work Readiness Skill gaps can be qualified/quantified/remediated Help build a career pathway / obtain stackable credential Recognition of employer needs/employer language Proof to employers-strong skill set 12. Educational EngagementTO BECOME A WORKKEYS PRIVATE TESTINGSITE ACT cooperative procurement-with state contract State of Missouri Cooperative Procurement Program 13. Community = CountyAny county in Missouri may applyNo unit smaller/larger than a countymay applyOrganize locally by county 14. What does it mean?Achievement of Certified Work Ready Communitystatus recognizes that:A county can provide and deliver a quality workforce with theskills employers need to be work readyGoals have been met for individuals in the local workforceearning a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)Goals have been met for local business engagement-either recognizing, preferring or recommending the NCRC 15. The NCRC is a credential that is: Evidence-based Industry-recognized Portable Certifies essential skills important for workplace success Awarded at four levels: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum 16. NCRC Documents these Skills . . .Reading for Information Measures skill used when reading written textApplied Mathematics Measures skill in applying mathematical reasoning,critical thinking and problem-solving techniquesLocating Information Measures skill in working with workplace graphicsto find and analyze information 17. Certificate Levels Certificates Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 are awardedscore on all score on allscore on all score on allby achieving a assessmentsassessments assessmentsassessmentsminimum Skill levels 16% 67% 93% 99% demonstrate of jobsof jobsof jobs of jobs ability for*Sample Auto Body Repair Administrative School Counselor Accountant TechnicianManager Pharmacy Technical Writer Occupation Veterinary Assistant Head CookTechnician Sales Manager Correlation Janitorial Supervisor Medical Assistant Semi-Conductor Registered Nurse Drywall Installer EngineeringProcessorManager Pharmacy Aid Technician Business Executive Elevator Installer Machinist Electrician and Repairer 18. Missouri Employer Support 19. ApplicationAvailable online FAQs, Criteria,Sample Letter ofCommitment, andapplication documents 20. Application: 4 StepsCommitment letters from leadershipteam members, including local elected official/sNarrative plan for your communitys effort to meetNCRC goalsStrategy for employer engagement goalsSupplemental information (optional) 21. Application Step 1: Leadership TeamForming a county leadership team is the first priorityYour leadership team should select a strong leaderto guide this effortYour team must have representation from each of the listed categories, but is not limited to that number 22. Building Your Leadership TeamEach Team must include a member from the following:Local BusinessEconomic DevelopmentChamber of CommerceK-12 EducationCommunity CollegeLocal Elected OfficialLocal Workforce Investment Board 23. Leadership Team ResponsibilitiesEach team member must sign a letter of commitmentStakeholders will planthe work and work theplanNarratives will outline yourcountys process to reachestablished goals 24. Application Step 2: National Career Readiness GoalsEach county has goals for the # of NCRCsachieved/awardedGoals found on the CWRC 25. Where Do You Get an NCRC?Missouri Career Centers - no costCommunity Colleges can test incumbent workersfor employers, use NCRC to assist in job searchMany DESE Career Education programsSome Secondary schools 26. What are Your County Goals? 27. Locating Your County Goals 28. Greene County snapshot 29. Employer Engagement Step 3:Business supporting means a company isagreeing to recognize, prefer or recommend theNCRC in hiringObtain signed Partnership Letters from supportingbusinesses -- company name will be listed on CWRCstate site and ACT national siteGoals are based on county size and 2010 censusinformation 30. Partnership LetterAvailable online @ PDF form 31. Application Step 4 : Optional Supplemental CriteriaIn addition to the specific required data, the review panel will consider supplemental criteria which may enhance your acceptance as a Work Ready Community 32. Certification How Does that Happen?The MoWib will make recommendations for certificationCertification Status will be granted at 2 levels:Work Ready Community in ProgressCertified Work Ready Community 33. Timeline for CWRCThe deadline for the first round of applications is :November 30, 2012Your county will have 2 years to achieve certificationApplications will be accepted year round-but reviewand approval will be quarterly 34. Why This is ImportantStrengthen/expand existing businessesRetain businesses and attract new businessKeep our kids in MissouriPlatform for Regional Cooperation andEconomic Competitiveness 35. 36. Endorsing the CWRCMissouri EconomicDevelopment CouncilState Chamber of Commerceand IndustryAssociated Industries ofMissouri-AIM 37. Endorsing the CWRCMissouri School BoardsAssociationMissouri Community CollegeAssociationMissouri Workforce InvestmentBoard (MoWIB) 38. Mapping your route to workforce competitivenessFor Further AssistanceContact CWRC coordinator cwrc@ded.Mo.Gov or 573-522-2744