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Photography tips & tricks

Photography Tips for Kids

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Tips for young photographers

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  • 1. Photography tips & tricks

2. Fill the frame with your subject. Leave the distracting stuff out. Dont be afraid to get a little bit close! 3. Use the focus lock feature. Press the shutter down halfway and use the rectangle to lock in on your subject before pressing it all the way down to take the photo. This will keep your subject in focus. 1 4. Keep the sun behind you; dont take a picture facing into the sun. 5. Try to take photos from different angles: above, below and eye- level. You may have to get down low to catch a great photo! (I had to get on my tummy to take the photo on the right. I wanted to capture the flowers, the hill where my husband proposed to me, AND the sky.) 6. Look for unusual shapes, colors and textures 7. Pay attention to the horizon line in your background. Try to keep it level. Or, you can try tilting it to create an effect. 8. Look for photo opportunities in reflections. 9. Use a tripod, or rest your camera on a flat surface, when you dont have a lot of natural lighting. 10. Final Thoughts Dont be afraid to take lots of photos. You can always delete them later! Dont be in a hurry. Take time to frame your shot thoughtfully. When you are looking for beauty, the world becomes a more beautiful place. Practice seeing through the eyes of a photographer it can change your outlook on life!