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Tips for taking great photos

Photography Tips for Kids

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A collection of tips for young students to help improve their photography skills.

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  • 1.Tips for taking great photos

2. Rule of Thirds 3. Example - Before 4. Example - After 5. More examples 6. What about portrait? 7. FILL THE FRAME 8. Boring Good Best 9. What makes you think cute? 10. If you think you are close, you are not close enough. 11. Perspective 12. Light 13. Can be your best friend 14. or your worst enemy! 15. Think about your background 16. How to get a good background: Move yourself Move your subject Change your angle (perspective) Fill the frame 17. Move yourself 18. Move your subject 19. Change your angle 20. Fill the frame 21. Remember Rule of Thirds Fill the frame Light Perspective Background