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Photography-tips & tricks

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  • Dont go crazybuying the most expensive equipment right away


  • an inexpensive tripod is worth getting, especially if you have shaky hands vinitshahdeo

  • Keep your camera with you all the timeyou might beable to take advantage of some unexpected opportunities.

  • Make a list of shots youd like to get.keep a small notebook to jot down places youd like to come back and photograph

  • Dont overlook mundane subjects for photographyOften a simple subject makes the best shot

  • Look at everything with the eyes of a photographer and youll see opportunities you never noticed before.

  • Take advantage of free resources to learn.Browse through Flickr or websites like the Digital Photography School Forum

  • Experiment with your cameras settings try shooting your subjects with multiple settings to learn what effects you like

  • Learn the basic rules.Be open to what more experiencedphotographers have to say about technique

  • Try to photograph something every dayIf you cant do That make sure you take time to practice regularly

  • Dont be afraid to experimentGo crazy you might end up with something you like

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