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Native Americans

Native AmericansKimberly DemuszPhoto Essay


Native Americans were the first to live in North America.There were hundreds of Native American cultures, from coast to coast and from the Yukon to the Gulf of Mexico. All of the Native American tribes gathered food in the earliest times and then planted crops later in history to in turn create villages that were permanent.

New Territory

Hunters from Asia walked or sailed along the coast of a land bridge that connected Russia to Alaska and their descendants became known as the American Indians. Once here, the Native Americans spread out over the vast content and adapted to many different regions and hundreds of unique cultures were born.


Tepees are tent-like American Indian Houses used by Plane tribes. Tepees are designed to be set up and broken down quickly. This is to make moving from place to place easier for tribes.

TraditionsDancing is an important part of the Native American culture. These traditions play a vital role in religious rituals and celebrations.

Native Americans hunted and gathered food to feed their families by killing the animals on the land, they then planted crops later in history.

Settlement in North America

Native American tribes spread out over the vast continent until white settlers came over and began to claim Indian land for themselves. The U.S. Government forced the remaining Indians to live on tracks of land called reservations. Today, there are 550 federally recognized tribes in the U.S.

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