Idaho Maggie

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Text of Idaho Maggie

  • 1. Fascinating Idaho By Maggie W Joplin Gifted Center Spring 2008

2. The Idaho State Flag

  • The Idaho state flag is all dark blue.There is gold around the edges. In the middle it says the great seal of the state of Idaho. There are people by the middle. On top of the middle is a reindeer head. Under the words is a red banner.

3. The Idaho State Mammal

  • The Idaho state mammal is the appaloosa.The appaloosa is a horse.

4. The Idaho State Insect

  • The Idaho state insect is the monarch butterfly.

5. The Idaho Mountain Bluebird

  • The Idaho Mountain bluebird.The Mountain bluebird eats insects and little fruits.The mountain bluebird is 6 inches long.

6. All About Me

  • Hi, Im Maggie. I have researched about Idaho. I have been working on this a long time. I think that Gifted is fun. How would you say about Gifted if you were in Gifted? Gifted helps me learn. In Gifted I like to help people. When I grow up I want to be a teacher just like Mrs. Turner.