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My Future of Learning TeachMeet presentation for #tmnorthish


  • 1. Cameron PatersonTwitter: @cpatersoThe Future of Learning

2. When teachers embrace learning for the future, theynurture expert thinking, collaboration andentrepreneurship. They foster intercultural understanding,environmental stewardship and global citizenship. Theyinvite students to understand complex problems, createquality work and express themselves through traditionaland new media ultimately preparing students to liveethical and reflective lives in rapidly changingenvironments.(Veronica Boix-Mansilla, The Future of Learning Institute,Project Zero) 3. Bonawitz et al, The Double-Edged Sword of Pedagogy: InstructionLimits Spontaneous Exploration and Discovery 4. Interview with David Perkins, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7UnupF-uJk 5. Neuroscience 6. Technology 7. Globalisation 8. 5 ways the education system is stuntinginnovation:1. Individual achievement is the focus2. Specialisation is celebrated and rewarded3. Risk aversion is the norm4. Learning is profoundly passive5. Extrinsic incentives drive learning 9. The Board of Studies does not require a number to be used (inrelation to assessment) until Year 12.Grading is an end of course judgement.School protocols squash the reality of what the Board requires outof sight. Too much testing Focus more on learning objectives and less on covering content