Teachmeet presentation 2mins. 2010

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  1. 1. WEB2:MOBILE LEARNING SOLUTIONS October Department INSET.http://academy360english.webs.com
  2. 2. Homework OnlineVirtual Tasks
    • Efficient saves time for teacher.
    • Feedback can be instant.
    • Interactive Google Docs. (Collaborative)
    • Modern Pedagogy ICT inspired Learning.
    • Tasks are engaging and target thetechnology generation .
    • Learning becomes fun, multiple learning strands are embedded within Assignments.
  3. 3. Functions at Glance.. SIGN IN Recent Homework posts at a glance Communicate to all members
  4. 4. Homework Page Homework Tasks per Class Homework Posted by pupils Video Clips for Homework or Class tasks
  5. 5. Phone Friendly Pupils can complete Homework via Mobile Browsers..iPhone , iPad , iTouch , Nano friendly ..Homework can be completed by web browser phones..85% of pupils have this facility
  6. 6. Improved Results
    • Homework tasks completed up by 80% from 2009.
    • Dispenses with excuses and no returns.
    • System logs returns and allows for easy assessment. (History of Work)
    • Transparency and Accountability, for all stakeholders. (Pupils , Parents and Teachers)
    • Negatives 15% of pupils do not have Internet Facilities. Academy not currently providing access after or before school for pupils to complete online tasks. (PD to follow this issue and work with PE to solve.)