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Flags Quiz

Flags QuizPranava Dhar

Information/RulesThe quiz is mildly related to actual flags+1 for a correct answerNo GooglingEnjoy.

1._______ didnt always look as they look today, with their colourations ranging from a wide spectrum. These were selectively bred in gardens to produce required characteristics, like reducing the wooden stalks in the center to edible proportions. The first ______ in the colour as we know them today appeared in the Netherlands, probably grown selectively as they complemented the Dutch flag quite nicely.

What is being talked about here?

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AnswerCarrots, as the Dutch flag at that time was orange.


In 1804, the British East India Company granted Faiz Talab Khan, the first Nawab of ______, 40 villages as reward for aiding the Company against the Maratha Empire during the Second Anglo-Maratha War.The 8th Nawab, Iftikhar Ali Khan _____, played cricket for both England and India and captained the latter. His son, the last Nawab, also captained the Indian cricket team. We know his son as well, although not for cricket.The above flag is of the state of _____. FITB

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3.This flag, found in the book X, is a not too subtle dig at the Soviet Union, a common theme for majority of X. The flag itself was created after a successful revolution within the book, and is said to be bright green (made out of an old tablecloth) with a white hoof and horn in the corner, parody of the hammer and sickle insignia of the Soviets.

Identify X.

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AnswerAnimal Farm

4.Only used during a brief period in 1956, 1960, and 1964, which country might have used this to compete at the Olympics?

Hint - Out of place by at least 20 years

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AnswerUnited Germany (Berlin Wall wasnt broken for another 30 years)

5.This fictional flag depicts a meme from a very popular video game, as it combines the flag of the Isle of Man with the main component of the meme.

Identify the game.

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AnswerSkyrim, I took an arrow in the knee

6.In the past, without the use of modern communication devices, a ship's appearance upon the immediate return to the port could communicate how the crew fared at sea. Ships that were victorious in their endeavors, for example, an encounter with an enemy ship, would sail into port with flags waving from the mastheads, that is, with _____ ______. On the other hand, a ship that had been defeated, if still afloat, would be forced to "strike their ______", or to take them down, signifying their defeat.

This practice led to the evolution of a popular idiom. What?

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AnswerWith flying colours

7.The earliest usage of the term was made referring to the preparations made by ships before entering battle, which included flying a _______, to frighten and warn the enemy. Current definition of this often used term would be that of an early warning, and is sometimes used in programming during debugging and in times of disaster.

What term?

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AnswerRed flag

8.Its original message was to convey the pain and suffering of the people of Somalia and their aspirations for freedom. Later, it was remade to be used for a fund-raiser for the Haiti earthquake in 2010.The version that we know of was described as being "inspired by the joyous dance celebrations familiar to Africa and didnt have the darker themes of the previous versions, to keep it in line with its name, the Celebration MixWhat?

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AnswerWavin Flag

9.It is uncertain who manufactured the flag that was deployed by the Apollo 11 crew on the Moon. According to NASA, "the Stars and Stripes to be deployed on the Moon was purchased along with several others made by different manufacturers at stores in the area around the Manned Spacecraft Center near Houston. In order to attach the flag properly to its aluminum staff it was necessary to remove the binding and labels. For this reason the name of the manufacturer cannot be determined..The reason allegedly given by NASA for not wanting to reveal the manufacturer is that they didn't "want another _____.FITB

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10.This is a redesign of the flag of X made in the style of the flag of Wales i.e. national animal shown in a heraldic pose on two bands of nationalistic colours. Which country does it depict?

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AnswerScotland, as their national animal is the unicorn

11.The Battle of ________ was an important battle/independence struggle against the Dutch fought by the Xians, just days after the Japanese surrender in WW2. The reason for the start of the hostilities was the raising of the flag of the Dutch outside Hotel Yamato which enraged the locals. Angry nationalists tore the blue part of the flag, creating Xs flag in the process to spurn the locals further,Which countrys flag was created in the start of the uprising?

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12.X is an American musician from Berkeley, California. He got his name from the second part of Y & Z, with X being the no-vowels version of Z. He even had a song named Y, and to complete the whole connection, his symbol(?) is derived from the flag of Y & Z. X,Y, and Z?

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AnswerX KSHMRY & Z Jammu & Kashmir

13.Cyprus is one of the only countries (other being Kosovo) to have an outline of their territory on their flag. As a joke, somebody created a flag of another country with a similar design, showcasing the territory of the selected country (according to their beliefs. )

A very politically charged flag, which country was this flag a satire of? (two possible answers)

Cypriot flag for reference (The yellow coloured part is the territory)

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AnswerPalestine, if you ask the IsraelisIsrael, if you ask the Arabs

14.This is the flag of one of the few states of India to have had a flag, with the only current one being Kashmir. The flag itself consists of a Buddhist khorlo prayer wheel with the gankyil as the central element.

Which state am I talking about?

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15.The 23 white stars in the canton of the flag represent the 23 islands of _______, a member of the Marshall Islands. The three black stars in the upper right represent the three islands that were disfigured in 1954, due to certain reasons, while the two black stars represent the new home of the islands former population. These two stars are symbolically far away from white stars on the flag as the islands are in real life (both in distance and quality of life). The words on the flag are in the Marshallese language, reportedly represent the words spoken by the leader when asked to give up the island for the good of all humankind in 1946, and translate to Everything is in the hands of God.The obvious connections to the United States flag represent the islanders' belief that a great debt is still owed by the United States to them. Which territory is this?

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AnswerBikini Atoll. The Castle Bravo nuclear test was held here in 1954

16.This is the flag of a punnily named nation combining an adjective associated with one state and the name of the other. The flag itself borrows the colour scheme and aspect ratio of the adjective nation and the design of the other.Name this fictitious nation.

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AnswerPapal New Guinea, merging Vatican City and Papua New Guinea

17.The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is an organization that advocates unilateral nuclear disarmament by the United Kingdom, international nuclear disarmament and tighter international arms regulationThe symbol adopted by CND, designed for them in 1958 by Gerald Holtom. It is based on the semaphore symbols for "N" (two flags held 45 degrees down on both sides, forming the triangle at the bottom) and "D" (two flags, one above the head and one at the feet, forming the vertical line) (for Nuclear Disarmament) within a circle. Holtom later said that it also represented "an individual in despair, with hands palm outstretched outwards and downwards in the manner of Goya's peasant before the firing squad.This symbol has since evolved to be known worldwide. Which symbol?

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AnswerThe Peace sign

18.In the wake of Brexit, there were several disgruntled residents of an area in the United Kingdom who wished to remain in the European Union and had majorly voted for the same. An absurd idea which was proposed to facilitate this was the secession of this area from the Kingdom as a separate country. With this idea came a proposed flag, showcasing major elements of the area.

Which area in the U.K. is this?

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19.Following the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the United States in 2003, the Iraqi government was overthrown, and the Ba'ath Party was outlawed. Strong speculation followed that the U.S. government would press for a change in the Iraqi flag to remove its pan-Arab symbolism, and to make a definitive break with the period of Ba'athist rule.On 26 April 2004 the U.S. appointed Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) announced a new flag for post-Saddam Iraq. The proposed flag had several meanings, with the white background symbolizing purity, the two blue bands representing the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers and the yellow band showing the Kurdish minority. The blue crescent represented Islam. The proposed change was heavily criticized by many in Iraq, as well as in the Arab world.What was the reason for these protests, apart from the fact that it stripped them of their Pan-Arabic culture?

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AnswerThe flag