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PurdueUniversityknowshowtopumpuptheircrowd . AttendingthefirstPudueUniversityfootballgamewascrazy. Theamountofspritthestudentshadreally shockedme.Theschoolknewhowtoreally pumpuptheircrowedespeciallytheband.In thebeginningceremony thebanplayscreatingdifferentshapeswithalltheirmemebrs. IreallyenjoyedseeingtheflagsspelloutPurdue passby.

Text of Purdue Flags

  • Purdue University knows how to pump up their crowd.

    Attending the first Pudue University football game was crazy. The amount of sprit the students had really shocked me. The school knew how to really pump up their crowed especially the band. In the beginning ceremony the ban plays creating different shapes with all their memebrs. I really enjoyed seeing the flags spell out Purdue

    pass by.

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