Embedding information literacy through critical skills and a new curriculum - Dodd

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  • Embedding Information Literacy through critical skills and a new curriculum

    LILAC Annual Conference,Swansea University, April 10-12, 2017

    Lorna DoddSenior Librarian, Maynooth University, lorna.dodd@nuim.ie, Tel: 01 708 6447, @LornaDodd


  • A new curriculum with a key focus on critical skills

  • Information Literacy

    Problem Solving

    Independent Learning

    Critical Thinking



    Communication Skills

    Understand academic standards

    Ethical Responsibility

    Critical Skills in the new Curriculum

  • Maynooth University Graduate Attributes

    graduates are expected to be capable of gathering and critiquing information from a variety of sources(Maynooth University, 2014)

  • Deep Knowledge &

    Critical intellectual


    Autonomous and

    responsible learners

    Breadth of perspective

    Skills for life and work

    A Maynooth Education

  • Content Vs Skills

  • An opportunity for the Library to be heard.

  • Mapping & evaluating the information landscape

    Managing & presenting information

    Managing the transition

    Understanding ethical & social dimensions of information

    Researching within the disciplines

    Deep Knowledge &

    Critical intellectual


    Autonomous and

    responsible learners

    Breadth of perspective

    Skills for life and work

    Information Literacy Framework for A Maynooth Education

  • Designing the curriculum through collaboration

  • Weeks 1-2: learning to learn includes basics of library

    Weeks 3-4: information literacy assessing, finding sources and lots of other things

    Weeks 5-8: essay writing small Wikipedia assignment embedded

    Week 9: introduction to quantitative thinking (basic excel, correlation, etc)

    Week 10 to 12: public speaking

    Semester 1

  • Information Literacy has become the centre of the critical skills modules

  • Semester 2

    White Paper Assignment-Integrating discipline knowledge &

    critical skills -Using topics such as homelessness

    drug liberalization, commuting, cyber security, addiction

    Poster Presentation-Capstone for Critical Skills Year

    -Research, contextualize & demonstrate the practice of a

    Critical Skill developed this year

    -Demonstrate knowledge of a frame and how the practices embedded in this frame can be applied in practice

  • Before Assignment: Review the ACRL frames with the students

    After Assignment: Students identify which Frames were applicable and write about how the exercise developed both knowledge practices and knowledge dispositions

  • Critical Skills Tutors deliver content and mark assignments.

    If information Literacy is truly embedded and in context..

    .Then so should its delivery..

    Librarians train the tutors but dont deliver content..

  • Image: http://disney-sheet-music.com/let-it-go-lyrics/

    If Information literacy is to be truly embedded we need to Let it Go!

  • Im trying to constantly embed and reinforce information literacy in the exercises [it] is found throughoutDr Brian McKenzie, Critical Skills Coordinator

  • Critical Skills has had a seismic impact leading us to .. review our approach to IL delivery

    Opening up possibilities in other parts of the curriculum

    And revising our organisational structures

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