Luker & Nephin - Embedding digital literacy at Leeds Metropolitan University

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  • 1. Embedding Digital Literacy at LeedsMetropolitan University: One Year On Wendy Luker Associate Director, Libraries and Learning InnovationErin NephinLibrary Academic Support Team Manager

2. In this Session How the Undergraduate Curriculum reviewgave opportunities to embed digital literacy; The impact of the implementation ourresource discovery tool (Discover) with thelaunch of digital literacy as a graduateattribute; Examples of sessions/support mechanismscreated to support the roll-out Feedback on lessons learned 3. At last years conference Definition of Digital Literacy at LeedsMetropolitan The Undergraduate Curriculum review Initial staff support and development Examples of existing good practice Initial evaluation 4. Discover: its impact 400,000 additional full-textdownloads during our busiest month 88% increase in the number of ebook accessesIncrease in positive feedback from Student Representatives on ease of accessing Library resources 5. Training sessions delivered StudentsAll staff (Academic,Partners and Support Staff) On the Road 6. Support Mechanisms Developed by Centre for Teaching and Learning Skills for Learning Collections in the University Repository Academic Librarians 7. Academic Staff and Partners 8. Core Content Modules 9. Digital Literacy and Support Staff 10. Digital Literacy and Support Staff 11. Digital Literacy and Employability 12. Digital Literacy and Employability 13. Digital Literacy for Employability 14. Digital Literacy and Employability 15. Feedback so far*In our Faculty+ we were alreadyWeve seen a big change in the quality offairly embedded in most courses, work and diversity of resources being usedbut this has given us access to all by students in their -Academic Librarian -Member of Academic Staff I wasnt aware that I*The embedding ofThe skills I havecould use the Library or Digital Literacy] has gained mean that I ask for help in findingemphasised the goodcan adapt to new andinformation to support my practice takingchanging -Member of place.-StudentSupport Staff-Global Reviewer 16. Next Steps Online Learning Materials Strategy New Digital Skills workshops Sessions co-delivered by Academic Librariansand the Repository Developer 17. Questions? Wendy


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