ELI Social Media Workshop 2012

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Social Media for EducatorsEDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Monday, February 13th, 2012University of Wisconsin MilwaukeeLearning Technology Center

Tanya Joosten, Sharon Stoerger, Dylan Barth, Matt Russell


Todays WorkshopPart 1: Getting Started with Social MediaBuilding your network with TwitterTweeting, Hashtags, & the WallPart 2: Social Media and Pedagogical UsesTwitter, Facebook, YouTubeCases of social media usePart 3: More Social MediaManaging your social network


Complete bio

Tweeting!IntroductionsUse #ELI2012

Im Tanya Joosten from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, teach communication, help other faculty use technology #eli2012

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Popular hashtags#edtech#higheredtech#learnchat#edusocmedia


Mega Education Hashtag List:http://www.cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html

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Who do we follow? Talk to? RT?

On your campusSearch your campus account

Others to Follow? Twibes(http://www.twibes.com)

Tips to developing a networkUpdate social media profiles to include an image and a bio appropriate for the social media.Connect with colleagues through conference or professional group hashtags. Identify useful or influential colleagues and review to who they are connected.Participate in your educational institutions social media accounts.


What is social media?

Group discussionWhy do you want to use social media in the classroom?

5 questions to considerWhat is the pedagogical need?How will the selected social media help meet that need?What aspects of the learning process should be improved?What learning outcomes can be better achieved through the use of the selected social media over other technologies?What is the expected behavior of students within the selected social media?

What is your pedagogical need?Increase communication and contactEngage students through rich, current mediaGather and provide feedback in the classroomCreate a cooperative and collaborative learning opportunitiesProvide experiential learning opportunities

One caseNeed: Increase communication and contactHow will a social media help meet that need?Students are already using it, or it is available on mobile devicesProvides instant or immediate access to informationLean medium that is primarily text basedRequires focused and succinct messages with a manageable amount of information


Another case: Increasing communication and contact

Create a Fan Page

Faculty experiences using Facebook

Jewish Studies

Clinical Lab Sciences

Other benefits of social mediaIncreases interactions between instructors and studentsEnhances communicationBuilds feelings of connectednessOvercomes the challenges of students at a distance or in remote locationsFacilitates providing timely student feedback

Helps students stay organizedIncreases student performanceProvides a medium for instructors enhance their identity and encourage studentsResults in high levels of satisfaction of instructors and students

Other uses of FacebookSupplementary materialsVideosArticlesWebsitesDiscussionsCommunity building inside/outside classroomNew student recruitment

Other uses of Twitter AnnouncementsSupplemental informationLive microbloggingConnections/PLNs (e.g., Siemens, 2004)Collect real world dataTwitter pollsBackchannel communicationOther?

SOCIAL MEDIA & VIDEOEngage students through rich, current media

Creating a YouTube Account

Your YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Playlist

YouTube alternativesContent & PublicationSchoolTubeTeacherTubeVimeoEducational ContentMIT WorldPBS.orgTED YouTube.EDU

And many more!

Benefits of social media

Facilitates the use of rich and current contentEnhances student engagementImproves student learningHelps instructors manage their workloadEnhances 21st twenty-first-century literacy skills for instructors and students

Other uses of social videoStudent-created contentActive learningInteractivityEngagementCreativity

Group discussionWhat are the costs associated with implementing the use of social media for faculty, staff, and students?



Creating a link

Editing your Facebook-Twitter link

Linking AlternativesSocial DashboardsTweetDeck (http://www.tweetdeck.com/)HootSuite (http://hootsuite.com/)Seesmic (http://seesmic.com/)

Social BrowsersRockMelt (http://www.rockmelt.com/)Fizzik (http://www.fizzik.com/)

Why Social Dashboards and Browsers?One post multiple social mediaHashtags (e.g., #edtech)Class discussionsConferencesWebinarsReal timeMonitor multiple conversations at a glance

Social Dashboards - TweetDeck

Social Browsers RockMelt


Tanya Joostentjoosten@uwm.edu Sharon Stoergerstoerger@uwm.edu Dylan Barthdjbarth@uwm.eduMatt Russellrusselmr@uwm.edu

TakeawaysMicroblog gathering and sharing of social media information #edusocmedia and #dtl2011Facebook examples at uwm jewish, uwm business, uwm student, and more!

Video cases on YouTube #edusocmedia

Additional ResourcesUWM Social Media Grant project http://uwmsocialmedia.wikispaces.comPresentation and Datahttp://uwmsocialmedia.wikispaces.com/Presentations+by+TanyaSet-up Instructionshttp://uwmsocialmedia.wikispaces.com/Howtosocialmedia10Creating a Twitter Account http://tinyurl.com/4lkdkj3 Creating a Facebook Fan Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

ReferencesHeiberger, G., & Harper, R. (2008). Have you Facebooked Astin lately? Using technology to increase student involvement. New Directions for Student Services, 124. Retrieved http://tinyurl.com/4vygtde Higher Education Research Institute (HERI). (2007). College freshman and online social networking sites. Retrieved from http://gseis.ucla.edu/heri/PDFs/pubs/briefs/brief-091107-SocialNetworking.pdf Junco, R., Heibergert, G., & Loken, E. (2010). The effect of Twitter on college student engagement and grades. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. http://blog.reyjunco.com/pdf/JuncoHeibergerLokenTwitterEngagementGrades.pdfKopytoff, V. G. (2011). Blogs wane as the young drift to sites like Twitter. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/21/technology/internet/21blog.html?_r=1Zickuhr, K. (2010). Generations 2010. Washington DC: Pew Internet and American Life. Retrieved from http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2010/Generations-2010.aspx

***Can use browser or mobile appWhat is a hashtagWhy use hashtags



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