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Channel-billed Toucan By Taavet Tenso

Channel-billed toucan

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  • 1. Channel-billed Toucan By Taavet Tenso

2. Channel-billed Toucan

  • The Channel-billed is brightly marked and has a huge bill.
  • It is typically 48cm long with a 9-14cm bill. It weighs 300 - 430 grams
  • The subspecies were previously considered separate species, but all interbreed freely wherever they meet .

3. Where they live

  • They breed in Trinidad and in tropical South America as far south as southern Brazil and central Bolivia.
  • Found in forest and woodland. Prefers humid regions, but locally extends into drier regions, along rivers. Mainly in lowlands, but locally to an altitude of 1700 m.

4. Behavior

  • The species is an arboreal fruit-eater, but will take insects and small reptiles, eggs and nestlings of other birds and frog
  • The call is a croakingcree-op cree-op cree-op
  • The parents are both active in raising the young. The white eggs are laid in a high unlined tree cavity. However, they can be impatient sitters, often leaving their eggs uncovered for hours at a time.

5. Behavior

  • Newborn toucans remain in the nest after hatching. They are blind and naked at birth, and their eyes open after about 3 weeks
  • They are helpless and unable to leave the nest for about 8 weeks, dependent upon both parents to feed them. After this, the young can care for themselves.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxF01e9b2K4
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Taavet Tenso