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1. Toucan.ae Media 2. Toucan.ae Toucan Media is and interactive internet marketing company for : Internet Advertising and Marketing. Online Consumer Engagement. Web Design and Publishing . Search Engine Optimization. Overall Campaign Management 3. Toucan.ae Toucan Media Skill Set: 1. Internet Culture Integration: The speed and advantages of internet far outweighs the traditional marketing approach. Toucan media will walk through these benefits for your business to help your business grow 4. Toucan.ae 2. Web Design and Development: Toucan understands the individual needs of you business and its website requirements. Toucan offers e-commerce solutions, social network services and web content development. 5. Toucan.ae 3. Internet Marketing & Advertising: Toucan uses interactiveadvertising campains using customizable solutions allowing scalability. Toucan offers a complete internet marketing service which also includes Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. 6. Toucan.ae 4. Logistics management: Toucan goes through the the intricate details to conceptualize and plan an online strategy for logistics management. to help clients sell their products and services online. 7. Thank you and Toucan wishes you Great Success! Toucan.ae