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Article: "The meaning of life"

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  1. 1. How can books change your perspective of life?Authors backgroundThe meaning of lifeKazuo Ishiguro was bornin Japan; however, he wasnationalized in England.He is one of the mostcelebrated contemporaryauthors in the Englishspeaking world. He wonan award in 1989 for hisnovel T he reminds ofthe day. During the year 2005, he wrotethe novel Never let me g o, here heexposed ethical issues that we still can seenowadays.How society manages childrensmindsIn t he 1990s, t he English s ociety was introuble as a result of the appearance of aheinous illness. To resolve this problem,some boarding schools took care of childrenwho had no choices and taught them thatthey had to donate organs to people thatneeded them in order to survive. In thisespecial school children were underexhaustive medical checkups, because theyhad to be very healthy. They providedprograms with especial contents andtraining. Children should donate three timesduring their lives, however some of themcannot resist medical procedures and theydied after their firs t donat ion.As in every good story, love has to bepresent. In this case you can see a lovetriangle. Kathy, Tommy and Ruth are realfriends,connected by the same future, be donors.Kathy is in love with Tommy, but she cantsay it to him, Ruth is in love with him too,and Tommy doesnt know w hat he feels.Kathy is the one of them who has moreyears to survive, because she takes care ofchildren, as a nurse; nevertheless, shemust accomplish the same objective inthis institution.The settingThe story takes place in an alternativeworld, very similar to our reality, duringthe 20th century. The society has to assurethe well- being of people, so every decisionthat they take should be based on benefitsfor the community. T he books authorfocused her attention on social andeconomic problems, dealing with ethicaland society s surv ival issues.Never let me go is a science fiction book;nontheless, specialists in this areadisagree, because they think that everysociety in the world is always dealing withproblems that put them in confrontation.People have to decide all the time betweenfollowing the rules and live according towhat society can offer them, or followingtheir instinct and find their own ways tosurvive and be happy.
  2. 2. We think that this kind of book can blowyour mind, because it will place you in anew world. On the other hand, it makesyou a clear idea of what life means.Your life must now run thecourse thats been set for it-Kazuo Ishiguro, Never letme go.

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