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The Meaning of (Work) Life

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The Meaning of (work) LifeThat whole metaphysical thing or,people arent wearing enough hats?

What is an Adult?Someone who does what needs to be done, not what they want to do

Conspiracy TheoriesAt the moment of your birth, you could see GodSince the moment of you birth forward, everyone youve met, have conspired to narrow your point of viewYou are conditioned


What is Your World View?Me? A life of taking (What do I want?)We? A life of giving (Who are am I?)Life is a series of answers to questions youve asked the universe while on your journeyWhy do we work?

The Hierarchy of NeedsPhysiological needs air, water, and foodSafety needs personal and financial security, health and well-being, a safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impactsLove and belonging friendship, intimacy, family Esteem presents the typical human desire to be accepted and valued by othersSelf-actualization I ams that I ams

Nature Loves DiversityDiversity is Natures idea of perfectionOne kind of something is Mans idea of perfection(Wo)man is part of NatureWhich is right?

The Garden of EdenThe tree of knowledgeAwarenessLove (acceptance) v. HateLies v. TruthAvoiding Responsibility

The Four Enemies of (Wo)manFear Prevents you from moving forwardClarity Traps you from moving forwardPower Corrupts your move forwardAge Takes away the energy you need to move forward

MisbehaveIf two or more people are in a room someone is going to be unhappy, so just do the right thingYou dont see people instantaneously ascending to a higher realm around you. Do you?No one has the corner on the right answer

You Have Never FailedYou just stopped tryingWho really cares what other people think?

The Vision QuestThe Jumping MouseDay 1: Whenever I did something someone else didnt like, they hurt meDay 2: Whenever someone else did something I didnt like, I hurt themDay 3: If I want to change the world, I should start with me. When I become perfect, then Ill be fit to judge others

The hardest thing youll ever do is control yourself.

What Employers WantSomeone who understands customer serviceSomeone who knows how to do somethingSomeone who can solve problemsSomeone who finishes their workSomeone who doesnt need directionSomeone willing to tell the truthSomeone willing to take responsibility

What is Good Customer Service?Have a good attitude. They are more important than you are, so act like they are. They are the reason you have a job, so act like they are.Go to them; don't ask them to come to you.Ask them, "How may I help you?" "How may I be of service?"Don't tell them about your problems, listen to theirs.Be quiet when they talk. You can't talk and listen at the same time. Listen then ask if you dont understand.

What is Good Customer Service?Dont make your customers wait. Respond immediately to an inquiry. If you can't answer their question immediately, tell them when you can.Be helpful. Reduce the amount of work the customer has to do to get their problem solved.Don't tell them they are wrong; instead suggest "better" alternatives. Be specific in your response. Be sincere. Find them three solutions. Give them the pros and cons of each solution. Let them decide.Above all, keep your word.

Continuous PlanningPlanCommunicateExecutePlanning must always be #1, or you will run out of things to communicate and do.Dont be a reactor.

Whats Hot?/Whats Not?Keep a list of skills that are in demandKeep monthly data on job listings for each skillChart the growth and decline of each skillTeach yourself what is hot, forget about whats not

GoalsNone Youre an archer standing in a field firing arrows in every directionOne Youre an archer standing in a field firing an arrow at a target. When you miss, you pick up your arrows an fire again, but this time youre closer to the target. Eventually, youll hit the target.Many Youre any archer that needs to decide on one target

The Three Rules of TrainingAlways reinforce good behaviorAlways ignore bad behaviorAlways punish dangerous behavior

Any stimulus reinforces behaviorReinforcing behavior is conditioning

Books That Will Change Your LifeFeel the Fear and Do It Anyway (fear)How to Win Friends and Influence People (relationships)Fire Your Boss (employee)The One Minute Manager (manager)Dont Shoot the Dog (conditioning)The Cow in the Parking Lot (anger)

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