7 things good parents do

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2. Gnero literrio? Autodiegtico ou Heterodiegtico? Quantos pargrafos? O ttulo ajuda? Existem dados? Figuras? Topnimos? Nomes prprios? Personagens? 3. It seems like its close to impossible to raise anormal child these days, what with the violentvideo games and the 4chan and the childhoodobesity.But if the latest research is to be believed, eventhe good stuff we thought we were doing for ourkids is ruining them. 4. 4chan (4chan.org) is an English-language imageboardwebsite. Launched on October 1, 2003, its boards wereoriginally used for the posting of pictures and discussion ofmanga and anime. Users generally post anonymously andthe site has been linked to Internet subcultures andactivism, most notably Project Chanology.4chan users have been responsible for the formation orpopularizationofInterne memes such aslolcats, Rickrolling, "Chocolate Rain", Pedobear, and manyothers. The sites "Random" board is by far its most popularand notorious feature. Known as "/b/", there are very minimalrules on posted content. Gawker once jokingly claimed that"reading /b/ will melt your brain". 5. 4chan.org 6. RAISE: (raise raised raised) When raise is averb, it must have an object. It is a fairlyformal way to say lift something up or movesomething up Raise your right hand. He raised the box above his head.It is not formal when it means makesomething increase We will have to raise our fees. 7. Yes, as it turns out the most innocent things wedo to our kids every day can fuck them up worsethan having the Joker shoot their parents infront of them. 8. #7. Giving Your Kids a Creative Name You want your kid to be special. There are a few million Daves, Bobs and Johns running around NOT being totally awesome and obviously its all because of their boring-ass names. So you decide to name your son something original, like Malcolm, Ivan or Dicksmash McIroncock. 9. But in reality you have just sent your flesh andblood straight into the middle of a massiveman-rape in the prison shower.According to a study at the ShippensburgUniversity, kidsgrowing up withordinary, popular names have a higher chanceto become law abiding citizens, while all theunusually named ones should start decidingwhat state they want to commit their first felonyin (friendly tip, skip Texas). 10. The study lists the top 10 bad boy names inAmerica as: Alec, Ernest, Garland, Ivan, Kareem,Luke, Malcolm, Preston, Tyrell and Walter, whichwe must point out are not the names of anyserial killer or presidential assassin that has everexisted, so were assuming the research isskewed in a certain direction. 11. Ed Gein Albert Fish Ted Bundy Herman Webster David Berkowitz Mudgett John Wayne Gacy Coral Eugene Watts Jeffrey Dahmer Richard Angelo Gary Ridgway Andrew Cunanan Belle SorensonGunness Charles Manson 12. Francisco Costa Rocha Joo Accio Pereira da Costa Edson Izidoro Guimares Francisco de Assis Pereira Jos Guerra Leito Laerte Patrocnio Orpinelli Marcelo Costa de Andrade Fortunato Botton Neto Francisco das Chagas Rodrigues de Brito Jos Ramos 13. The theory is that the additional attentiongarnered by odd and unusual names can causepeer ridicule and discrimination in theworkforce, which tends to result in a fewthousand Alecs and Prestons stealing toiletpaper from the gas station.So do your kid a favor and give him a typicallaw-abiding, mentally stable name, like Michael. 14. MENINAS MENINOS Jlia GabrielSophia Davi IsabellaMiguelMaria Eduarda Arthur Gioavanna MatheusBeatriz LucasManuela Guilherme RafaelaPedroMarianaGustavoGabrielaFelipe 15. Apostila 1p. 02 16. BUT if the latest research is to be believed, eventhe good stuffHOWEVER, if the latest research is to bebelieved, even the good stuffNEVERTHELESS, if the latest research isto be believed, even the good stuffEVEN THOUGH THIS IS TRUE, ifthe latest research is to be believed, even the goodstuff 17. SOyou decide to name your son somethingoriginalCONSEQUENTLY, you decide to nameyour son something originalAS A CONSEQUENCE, you decide toname your son something originalERGO,you decide to name your sonsomething original