4.1 Colonial Expansion 2

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  • New Jersey founded 1664 - land granted to supporters of the Duke of York and the King- A Restoration Colony & Proprietary Colony

  • Pennsylvania founded 1681 - by William Penn and Quakers - A Restoration & Proprietary colony practiced religious toleration & legal equality- Allowed all free men to own property formed a democratic government cooperated with local Indian tribes

  • Delaware founded in 1638 Swedish settlers taken by the Dutch, then the English (1664) became part of Pennsylvania in the 1680s established a separate legislature in 1702

  • Dominion of New England- formed by King James II in 1686- one government, one governor- joined all New England colonies & added NY/NJ in 1688- very unpopular with the colonists, who lost political power

    Sir Edmund Andros - Royal governor of the Dominion- promoted the Anglican Church tried to stop town meetings

  • Glorious Revolution (1688-89)- English replaced James II as monarch with his daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange (the leader of Holland)- First American Revolution - N.E. colonists deposed Andros after the Glorious Revolution, breaking up the Dominion of New England - reestablished their own charters and governments William & Mary accepted the change, but Massachusetts charter was revoked, making it a royal colony, and the Puritans lost control of the colony- The new monarchs accepted a constitutional monarchy & the English Bill of Rights

  • Salem Witch Trials 1692- After Puritans lost legal authority in the colony in 1690- teenage girls accused residents of Salem of being witches- fear of witches spread throughout the colony and hundreds of people are accused of witchcraft- 20 people were executed- Helped solidify the concepts of separation of church and state in the American colonies and innocent until proven guilty in America

  • The Last of the Original 13

    Georgia formed in 1732-33, by James Oglethorpe as a colony for imprisoned English debtors- Ambitious social plans (no slavery, no alcohol, etc.) that were soon ignored - Acted as a buffer between Spanish Florida and Carolina