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Building a business case tool is a collaborative process and to get started we like to see what youre thinking about how youll use the tool and the desired results youd like to see from your program.


  • 1. Jumpstart Development of Financial and Business Case Calculators for IT Products and Services Every tool, model, or calculator needs to showcase your IT and communications product or service. It should strongly highlight both your value and uniqueness in the market. So to jumpstart your marketing team to a quick and effective financial or business case calculator, contemplate answers to following questionsWhat are the MarketingGoals? What are the Financial/Goals?Business Case Calculator Who will use the tool, is it the endWhat model inputs do you want the customer business management or IT, user to complete to activate the your sales team or channel partners?model? How will the tool be used? Is it as a What outputs or results should the demand generation call to actionuser to view? eDM, live meeting w/ customer?What competitors should be included Is the tool for use on a web site or as as a comparison to your product or a standalone application? service? Is there a preference for Flash orWhat level of detail or transparency Java? do you want the user to see? Are there other aspects of theSuch tools often require many product or service that you want to assumptions, so what actual data do communicate?you have that can help create or inform the model? Any usability functions, such as the ability to save or print, needed? All Rights Reserved to WaveLength Market Analytics LLC www.wlanalytics.com