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  • 8/18/2019 Zaman Report Final Edit



      Internship Report 


     Submitted To:

    Sir Rashid

     Submitted By:

    Arif Hussain

     Roll NO


    BBA (Mornin! S"ssion 2#12-2#1$


  • 8/18/2019 Zaman Report Final Edit



      Internship Report 


    Report is the integral and basic requirement of all the business study programs in all of the

     business study institutes as it is necessary and basic requirement of the BBA (Hons)

    degree of the Department of Management ciences !he B"# Bahadur ub $ampus

    %ayyah& Because it is the practical implication of the theoretical 'noledge hich e

    hae taught in our business sub*ects to gain further 'noledge and e+perience about

     professional business actiities& ,t equips us ith the necessary 'noledge- s'ills and

    alues of business culture hich are basic requirement of the business professional and

    hich also helps ne graduates to perform professionally as they get practical

     professional life&

    .or this reason , as placed at Ban' Alfalah $ho' A/am Branch& 0here , hae done my

    1ight ee's internship& My report contains all the 'noledge hich , hae learnt&

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      Internship Report 



    0e hae ta'en efforts ,n this report& Hoeer it ould not possible ithout the help of my,ndiidual& , ould li'e to e+tend my sincere than's to all of them , am highly indebted

    to for their guidance and constant superision as ell as for proiding necessary

    information regarding this report&

    My than's and appreciation also goes to my colleague in deeloping the Report and people

    ho hae illingly helped me out ith their 'noledge&

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      Internship Report 


    , am ery than' full to Allah Almighty ho gae me the courage to complete this comple+

    tas' and to my eer caring and loing parents hose prayers helped me to reach this

    stage of my life& Besides- there are many people ho supported me in formulation of this

    report and ithout the support of them , could neer be able to complete this report


    ,n this respect , am ery than' full to (Branch Manager)- perations Manager) and the

    qualified staff members of Ban' Alflah $ho' A/am Branch- ho cooperated ith me

    ith their guidance at each step of my internship&

    !hey hae proided me a lot of important information and 'noledge about the ban'ing

    operations in a ery short period of time&

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      Internship Report 


      R& 3 $!1! 5A61 3

    78 ,ntroduction 79

    72 rgani/ation tructure 7:

    7; Department in hich ,nternee or' 7<

    74 Application of classroom actiities in Ban' 88

     7= 5roduct and serices 88

    79 financial Analysis 82

    7> %earning in Ban' 8=

    7: ,f , am the Manager of Ban' 8=

    7< 0! analysis 8<

    87 51! Analysis 28

    88 $onclusion 2;

    82 Recommendations 24

    8; References 2=

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      Internship Report 


    Ban' Alfalah %imited as incorporated on ?une 28- 8- 8

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      Internship Report 

    !he chairman of Abu Dhabi consortium- and of 0arid telecom- his Highness hei'h ahayan

    Mubara' Alahayan as the chief guest of the ceremony& #nder this trategic alliance

    agreement- 1ricsson ill proide 0arid telecom a complete turn'ey state of the art netor' 

    6M online&


    @!o be the premier organi/ations operating locally C internationally that proides the

    complete range of financial serices to all segments under one roof&

    Mission s+a+","n+

    @!o deelop C delier the most innoatie products- manage customer e+perience-

    delier quality serice that contributes the brand strength- establishes a competitie

    adantage and enhances profitability- thus proiding alue to the sta'eholders of the ban'&

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      Internship Report 


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      Internship Report 


    A00oun+ O"nin d"ar+,"n+/

    ,n 8st 2nd and ;rd ee' , am or'ed in acount opening department disscused beloF

    1-A00oun+ O"nin For,

    $ustomer approach to ban' and an account opening is gien to him for competing and signed

     by the account holder at different places of the form&

    2-%o,"+ion of +h" For,

    Account form is completed in all respect and chec'ed by the ban' officer and is duly signed

     by the customer hich is also erified by the peration Manager&

    3-S"0i,"n Sina+ur" %ard (SS%!

    ignature specimen card is compulsory for opening an account in the ban'& 0ithout getting

    signature of customer you cannot open the account&

    5-Sina+ur" 'iff"r"n0" For,

    ,f client signature differs from the $,$- the signature of the client is ta'en on a signature

    difference form

    $-%o,u+"ri4"d %h"0in

    !he ban' officer connected ia internet to the ADRA ebsite chec's the record of his

    customerGs social life& ,f the record of the person is o'- then the officer of the ban' authenticates the record under his signature and stamp and send it to the Branch Manager

    6-A00oun+ Nu,7"r

    Account number is ritten on the cheque boo' requisition& After completion of all

     procedures- the ban' prepares a letter and sends it to the client at his postal address to pay

    gratitude to the customer&

    8-%h"9u" Boo Issuan0"

    !he first cheque boo' consists of 2= leaes and no charges are deducted from the account the

    account of client& !here after ban' sends a recommendation for 2=- =7 and 877 leaes ith

    different prices and charges are deducted from the account of clients

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      Internship Report 

    :-Pro0"dur" for %osin of an a00oun+

     ,f customer ants to close the account- he fills up an account closing form and signs there in-

    account balance should be /ero- approal is ta'en from the Branch Manager pecimen card is

    ta'en bac' and is attached ith the form and account is closed&

    1#-Pro0"dur" of issuan0" of Ban S+a+","n+

    A requisition slip is ta'en from the customer duly signed and the period from hich the

    customer ants to ta'e the statement& After erification of signature Ban' tatement is issue

    to the customer and Rs& == are deducted from account of customer

    12-Pro0"dur" for ATM Issuan0"

    A.B% proides the A!M facility to its $ustomers and they can ithdra their amount at any

    time through A!M& .or issuance of A!M- customer has to sign an A!M form and Ban' office

    ma'e an entry in the system and ithin 8= days ban' receies A!M card from Head ffice

    hich is gien to the customer&

    %us+o,"r s"r;i0"

    ,n 4th =th and 9th ee' my actiities discussed beloF

    ,n this section , am or' ith the employees in customer serice in hich , am done the *ob

    to reie the cheques according to the term and conditions of cheque hich are already

    gien& 0e chec' some element before forard the cheques to the cashier areF

    • ignature

    • Eind of checque

    • $larification of date

    • !orn cheque

    • $ash figure cutting

    After chec'ing the cheque if all terms are right then put the cheque approe stamp after this

    the ne+t person chec' the account balance and further stamped for dra cash&

    ; type of chec' are haing different operation condition

    • rder cheque

    • pen cheque

    • $ross cheque

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      Internship Report 


    An internship can be seen as the pinnacle of your undergraduate education and gie you the

    chance to use the s'ills youe learned in the classroom in a realorld setting& ,tGs a chance

    to proe the orth of your qualifications and to sho that you can perform in the role you

    has been gien& ,n the application for this internship- , rote about my interest in ban'ing

    and my belief that 'noledge obtained in class should alays be integrated ith real

    e+periences in the related industry& ,ndeed- putting my classroom 'noledge in finance to

     practical use and learning from real ban'ing e+periences had alays been my to ob*ecties

    for an internship& 0hile hat , hae learned in class seemed to be separate concepts- hat

    as being applied in ban'ing serices turned out to be a combination of many conceptsI, reali/ed that real ban'ing is much more complicated than it is portrayed in te+t boo's&

    Business communication concepts are mostly used in practical ban'ing that , am go through

     boo's& ,n internship , obsered that there is >7 percent practical or' different as compare to

    the boo's& %ot of formulas and money ban'ing concepts are folloed trough boo's in


    PRO')%T AN' SER*I%ES

    imple $urrent Account

    5% aings Account

    Royal 5rofit Account (R5)

    Basic Ban'ing Account (BBA)

    Alfalah Eifayat Account

    Alfalah Mahana Amdan Account

    Alfalah Eamyab Earobar 

    $urrency 1+change



    HilalJDebit $ards

    $redit $ards

    Home %oans

    AutoJKehicle %oans

    Alfalah Agri .inance -M1- %easing .inance

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      Internship Report 

    FINAN%IAL ANAL-82-87> ;-878-8>7 47 4-29=-2;-4;-4:

    Deferred ta+ assets 8;-::9->9< 8;-7>7-984 8>& 8;-7>7-984 82-92>-;=2 8&29

    ther assets 89-74 84-4:7-=:8 9:&9 84-4:7-=:8 8=-:27-94; 9=&2

    2:7-: ;;2-888-7=4 ;=2-9-:77 299-7==->:8 299-7==->:8 ;79-=97->9> 84&2:

    Borroings 24-&< 44-9:;-:29 22-:72-4:2 889&=>

    Bills payable :=7-=9< 8-=77->7< ;;&94 8-=77->7< 8-=79-;;= 49&;>

    %iabilities against

    assets sub*ect to>-:;8 ;-978 ;7&24 ;-978 2-;:9 4;&98

     finance lease

    ther liabilities 9-=79-2>= >-4-4> 24&=>

    2>7-224--4 87-==8-8;2 7

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      Internship Report 

    Reseres 8-4 8-8:>-4;; 8-=;-:48 (82->42-;94) ;:&42-;94) (88-2=7-::=) 8&9->4: 2&99

    hare deposit

    money 8>-777-777 8>-777-777 7 8>-777-777 82-777-777 >7

    87-8;=-7:< 87->;;-74; 49&>8 87->;;-74; 82-=>9->4: 24;&:9

    urplus on

    realuation of assets 9;>-=78 8-9;:-497 88&>: 8-9;:-497 >2-=8-=7; 47&9 82-;>8-=7; 8;-4:8-2;-2>8 22-=22-24-492-492-4>=-922 2:&= 227-

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      Internship Report 

    redemption of  


    #nreali/ed gain on

    realuation of  


    classified as heldfor trading =-;:; :-927

    8987&4: :-927 (4-2 =:=-:=9 8-84:-7 4&4=

    !otal non


    income 8-

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      Internship Report 

    !ransfer from

    surplus on

    realuation of .&A 9->>7 (;29->99:-4:4 =&78

    84-48=-:84 >-82> = >-82> 8;-8::-:9-27= ;:42&:= 84-;>9-27= 88-2=7-::= 8&42-;94 ;:&42-;94

    (loss) per share

    (after ta+) Rupees 7&99 2&9; = ;&>

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      Internship Report 

    • Account receiable turnoer in days

    A00oun+ R"0"i;a7" Turno;"r in 'a>s = Aerage 6ross ReceiablesJ et alesJ;9=

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      Internship Report 

    • Debt to 1quity Ratio

    !he debt to equity ratio is another computation that determines the entitys long term debt

     paying ability&&

    '"7+ +o E9ui+> Ra+io= !otal %iabilitiesJ hareholders 1quity

    7 7&=2

    After analy/ing the ratios of net profit margin e sa that ban' net profit margin is better in

    each year continuously that is beneficial for the ban' because profit earning is the basic

     purpose of any organi/ation because ithout profit no one organi/ation run&

    $/ To+a ass"+ +urno;"r

      !otal asset turnoer measures the actiity of the assets and ability of the firm to generate

    sales through use of the assets& ,n other ords it is assessed that either assets are being used

    at optimum leel to generate sales or not&


    To+a Ass"+ Turno;"r= alesJ!otal Assets

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      Internship Report 

  • 8/18/2019 Zaman Report Final Edit



      Internship Report 


    ,f , am become a ban' manager- my first need to determine if this career path is a good fit for 

    my s'ills- interests and personality traits& ,f the folloing description sounds li'e me- then ,

    am probably ell suited for a career as a ban' managerF

    , en*oy directing and superising the or' of others&

    , hae a customercentered approach to business actiates&

    , hae a thorough understanding of financial product regulations and the legal aspects

    of ban'ing&

    , hae the patience and stamina to meet the training- e+perience and education


    ,en*oy the idea of or'ing ithin a corporate structure&

    , en*oy haing clear rules and methods to guide or' actiities&

    , am set the daily schedule for to mange or' in my ban'&

    Daily staff and management meeting&

    ffice correspondence and administration&

    Meeting ith local business regarding loan&

    ,! systems problems&

    $ustomer complaint meeting ith clients&

    ffice correspondence and administration&

    Mortgage rescheduling meeting&

    Auditors committee meeting regarding ma*or delinquent accounts& %unch&

    $lient demands to see the manager&

    Meeting ith debt collection agency manager&

    %oans approals ith si+ clients&

    ffice correspondence and administration&

    S&OT AN

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      Internship Report 

    !he HR Department is ery actie C , as told that it proides e+cellent training programs

    for its nely inducted employees& ,n addition to that refresher courses are also conducted for 

    the employees&

    &"an"ssAs the or' force is young so there is less ban'ing e+perience among the employees& But the

    ma*or ea'ness of Ban' Alfalah in my opinion is that the employees complain about their 

    salary salaries& Ban' Alfalah sits on number 9 in terms of most assets according to the report

    of tate ban' for the year 2784& But its profits are ery lo& !he reason is not that Alfalah

    failed to ma'e any profits in 2784P it certainly made lots of profit& But most of the money

    from the profits as used by the management to coer the losses incurred but the sister 

    companies of Ban' Alfalah& o the benefits ere not gien to Alfalah employees&


    eeing the current trend Ban' Alfalah can rely on its ,slamic Ban'ing system to increase its

    mar'et share& !he management has reali/ed this and so they hae plans to open ne ,slamic

     branches in the year 2782& Ban's management has alays used an aggressie mar'eting

    strategy to mar'et its products- ith its young or' force it can really e+cel in the mar'et if 

    all the resources are used effectiely and efficiently& !he competition is tough thus the top

    management has to ma'e sure that they ma'e the right decisions at the right time in the best

    interest of the ban'&


    5olitical situation in 5a'istan is not good& ,nestors and businessmen are shifting their assets

    outside 5a'istan& Most important of all is that the policies of 5a'istani 6oernment are not

    consistent& Ban's or' force is relatiely ine+perienced& As stated earlier in order to aoid

    any undesired circumstances the ban's management has to ma'e the right decisions&


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      Internship Report 

    5olitical instability in 5a'istan can lead to changes in las and policies hich can be

    in faor or against the ban'ing sector&

    Most of the ban's hae to finance under the political pressure hich becomes bad

    later on&

    $orruption also impact on the financial institutions as many 6oernment officials of 

    tate Ban' demanding bribes for approal of the ne product and opening of ne



    1conomy of the 5a'istan shos a general slodon and most of the business

    shoing a negatie groth hich hae potential impact on the groth of the financial


    6eneral rise in inflation leads to decrease in the alue of the money oer the years and

    customer demanding high profit rate to meet the inflation and ban's unable to gie

    them such rates&

    %iteracy rate of the country in loest in the orld and people of the country unable to

    use ne product of the ban' li'e online ban'ing- call centre- Debit and $redit cards



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      Internship Report 

    and corporate ban'ing modules- thus ensuring better control for the ban' and refined

    serices for customers&


    Ban' Al.alah is a good rgani/ation in the ay that anybody can *oin it for hisJ her long

    term career& erall or'ing enironment is comfortable& Management of branch cares a lot

    of its employees and considers them as the Asset of ban'& Behaior of senior e+ecutie of 

     ban' is ery polite and they are caring about the indiidualGs career and their groth&

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      Internship Report 

    Hoeer management is ery demanding about the targets but good reard at the

    achieement of assigned targets is aarded& !herefore- they or' more than their or'ing

    hours and it is all according to their ill& ,t also shos their loyalty- commitment to

    organi/ation&1mployees is gien the benefits li'e bonus- gratuity funds- loans- increments-

    and medical&

    All the customers are entertained indiidually& ame 'ind of behaior and attention is gien

    to all the customers& 6etting ideas for improement from customer side is a ne idea and that

    is or'ing ery ell in Ban' Al.alah %td& All the customers are as'ed to fill a suggestion

    form and the standards of the ban' are improed through them& 5rioriti/ing its product

     portfolio in line ith its corporate and consumer needs and ants the ban' is committed to

    deelop products that gie more alue to its customers in both the sectors&

    ,n ban'- all the or' is done on computers& All the entries are made in computer& Balance are

    fed into the computer& !his increases efficiency of the ban'& During my internship training ,

    gathered information regarding ho a successful ban' operational aspect decorticated ith

    the practical&

    o far my learning is concernedP all the employees at branch ere quite cooperatie& !hey

    helped me to understand the actiities of a ban' to possible e+tent& !heir good attitude gae

    me more confidence to learn more and to as' if , hae any query in my mind& Besides their 

    eer going actiities they neer get irritant by my questioning& , feel pleasure that , hae

    really gained a lot during 9 ee's C en*oyed or'ing ith e+perienced cooperatie C

    intelligent staff&


    !he ban's management has to introduce ne training programs in coordination ith the HR 

    Department& !his program should update the employees ith the current economic situation

    of 5a'istan- the latest trends and the possible outcomes in the future& !his program should

    include training that ould help the employees to deal in a much better ay ith the

  • 8/18/2019 Zaman Report Final Edit



      Internship Report 

    customers& , sensed that there is a lac' of organi/ational citi/enship in the employees of the

     ban'& !he reason is that the profits hich the ban' is ma'ing due to their efforts is being used

    to coer losses faced by the sister companies of Ban' Alfalah and so Alfalah employees are

    not getting raise in their salaries- bonus or other financial benefits & !he top management and

    the Board of Directors must find a solution toards this problem&

    !hey ill either leae the organi/ation or ill not or' ith the same leel of commitment&

    Ban' Alfalah is in no position to face this loss& !he top management has to find ays to sole

    this problem soon and at the same time hat they can do is ta'e some load off the employeeGs

    temporality so that they donGt get oer stressed& econdly the ban' has to increase its

    adertising of products and serices& Honestly , thin' that the top management is quite

    reluctant to spend money on adertising&

    !his is beyond my understanding& !he reason might be that it is loo'ing to sae its funds but

    this is not the proper ay to do it& As stated earlier that the ban' is fairly ne and the staff 

    including the top management has less ban'ing e+perience& !his is one of main reason that it

    is not paying the much needed attention on adertising its products& Ban' inolement in

    cric'et adertising in the 6ulf region is commendable but it has to adertise about its

     products in the local print and electronic media in the same ay other ban's are doing in




    Ban' Alfalah Annual Audited Report 278;

    Ban' Alfalah #naudited Quarterly Report 2784

    tate Ban' of 5a'istan tatistical Report 278=

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      Internship Report