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Vertical Spindle Machining ... 2009/02/16  · V2 XP V2.5 XP V3 XP V4 XP V5 XP V4.5 XP V5.5 XP V6 XP V8 XP Performa Classic BT-40 9000rpm 20~25HP main motor V2 V2.5 V3 V4 V5 V4.5 V5.5

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Text of Vertical Spindle Machining ... 2009/02/16  · V2 XP V2.5 XP V3 XP V4 XP V5 XP V4.5 XP...

  • A l l W e B u i l d I n Q u a l i t y

    Since 1985 in USA


    1st Factory

    Headquater 255 CAPITOL ST., LIVERMORE, CA 94551, USA

    TEL: +1 925 443 1200 FAX:+1 925 443 1290

    1st Factory No. 40-2, 34th Road, Industrial Park, 2nd Factory No. 35, 36th Road, Industrial Park 3nd Factory No. 306, 38th Road, Industrial Park

    407 Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

    TEL: +886 4 2355 2495 FAX: +886 4 2355 2496


    AKIRA SEIKI Co., Ltd

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    Vertical Spindle Machining Center

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  • With more than 20 years solid profession in machine tool technology, Akira Seiki expands marketing development from USA to the international.

    In the past, we built reliable machineries to process customers' success in USA where is keen competition. Now, we broaden our mission to progress your competition wherever you are.

    Always keeps moving to advance your future success.

    Headquarter in USA 1st Factory

    Akira Seiki well management in production and quality is the fore and ever guarantee to our customer. Thorough practice of Quality Process Activity, every Akira Seiki execution is regulated and presented with documentary Standard Operation Procedure. Akira Seiki always carries on the professional Research & Development of next successful machine tool product to keep our customer advancement in the future.

    Well Practice In Quality

    Plenty storage in Material Resourcee Department

    Spindle test runQuality Control

    AssemblyResearch and Development

    AKIRA SEIKI President

  • 3 AKIRA - SEIKI Vertical Machining Center 4Vertical Machining Center AKIRA - SEIKI

    Coming out of "tough times," Silray needed

    high performance equipment at affordable

    prices. “The Akira Seikis did that for us,”

    says Silray partner Bill Raybould. “The first

    machine worked so well for us that we bought

    three more. These machines are easy

    on your budget, but they deliver a lot of

    performance for the money.” Components

    in foreground are for Five O mini off-road bikes


    New Equipment

    The partners added to their equipment line-up

    by purchasing Akira Seiki SV1000, three more

    Akira Seiki machines, an SL 35 CNC lathe,

    a V4 Performa, and an SV 1300 machining


    "As you can imagine, things were still

    pretty tight for us," Raybould says, "so we

    needed the best performance we could

    get for the money we had available.

    We were invited to come out and run a

    test on the first Akira, the SV 1000, before

    we bought it, and we liked what we saw.

    We ran that first machine eight to sixteen

    hours a day and it delivered everything we

    needed, precision and reliability. Based on

    the first machine's performance, we bought

    three more. Our next machine will also be

    an Akira Seiki, but it will be a new one. If

    we keep growing, that won't be long.”

    In spite of being able to re-equip his shop

    with far less money than he might have

    spent otherwise”, Raybould feels his

    Akira Seiki machines can hold their own

    in terms of precision and quality finishes.

    He explains. "The tolerances on those parts

    are two-tenths and we hold that with ease

    on our Akira Seikis. The controllers on the

    mills have look ahead, which allows them

    to speed up and slow down as required

    to keep a good finish. They're well built

    and very rigid, so we get good results.

    We're very impressed."

    Now AKIRA SEIKI regenerates all Vertical Spindle Machines to prepare you future success now!

    June-July 2004 • Volume XXII No. 5 Story by C. H. Bush, editor; photography by John Semonish, staff photographer

    Customer's Recommendation quoted from

    Customers to the Rescue Three Good Customers Refuse to Let a Job Shop Shrink in Size!

    Brochure Guide Akira Seiki VMC Guide P5

    Rigid Foundation P7

    Motion Components P9

    Spindle Features P11

    Akira Mi Control P13

    Convenient Operation P15

    NC Rotary Table P17

    Configuration & Option P19

    Measurement P20

    Machine Specification P21-P30

    Vertical Machining Center

    The Faster Way to Guide your production effeciency !

    Three Silray Akira Seiki mills (a V4 Performa, an SV1000 and an SV1300) are grouped into a work cell. Operators are (foreground, right) CNC machinist Billy Roncallo, CNC machinist Mario Rosa (left front) and CNC machinist programmer Quoc Ta (background).

  • 5 AKIRA - SEIKI Vertical Machining Center 6Vertical Machining Center AKIRA - SEIKI

    Performa Junior_JR SR series

    Cost Effect BT-40 Vertical

    12 models

    Akira Superior Speed Heavy Duty HSV series

    Ultra High Speed BT-50 Vertical

    4 models

    Performa Heavy Duty_HV-B series

    Rigid Gear Drive BT-50 Vertical

    8 Models

    Performa Classic V series

    Ultra High Performance BT-40 Vertical

    36 models

    Akira Super Vertical _ SV series

    Ultra High Speed BT-40 Vertical

    9 models

    Akira Super Vertical BT-40 14000~15000rpm 35~42HP main motor SV550 SV760 SV815 SV1050 SV1300 SV1150 SV1350 SV1630 SV2060

    Performa Heavy Duty BT-50 6000~8000rpm25~30HP main motor HV4.5B HV5.5B HV6B HV7B HV9B HV9.5B HV10B HV11B

    Akira Superior Speed Heavy Duty BT-50 8000~10000rpm 35~42HP main motor HSV1150 HSV1350 HSV1630 HSV2060

    X axis travel (mm / inch) 410 / 16.1 550 / 21.6 762 / 30 550 / 21.6 760 / 30 815 / 32.1 1050 / 41.3 1300 / 51.2 1150 / 45.3 1350 / 53.1 1630 / 64.2 2060 / 81.1

    Y axis travel (mm / inch) 410 / 16.1 435 / 17.1 540 / 21.3 640 / 25.2 850 / 33.5

    Z axis travel (mm / inch) 460 / 18.1 520 / 20.4 560 / 21.9 660 / 26 815 / 32.1

    Performa Junior BT-40 9000~11000rpm 12~15HP main motor JR SR2 SR3

    Vertical Machining Center-L iner M otion G uide

    Vertical Machining Center-B ox G uide W ay

    Xtra Performance BT-40 12000rpm24~30HP main motor V2 XP V2.5 XP V3 XP V4 XP V5 XP V4.5 XP V5.5 XP V6 XP V8 XP

    Performa Classic BT-40 9000rpm 20~25HP main motor V2 V2.5 V3 V4 V5 V4.5 V5.5 V6 V8

    Product Guide

    X axis travel (mm / inch) 1300 / 51.2 1400 / 55.1 1630 / 64.2 1800 / 70.1 2200 / 86.6 2200 / 86.6 2600 / 102.4 3050 / 120

    Y axis travel (mm / inch) 700 / 27.6 860 / 33.9 980 / 38.6 1050 / 41.3

    Z axis travel (mm / inch) 620 / 24.4 800 / 31.5 850 / 33.5 1000 / 40

  • * All specification subject to change without notice.

    7 AKIRA - SEIKI Vertical Machining Center 8Vertical Machining Center AKIRA - SEIKI

    * All specification subject to change without notice.

    Steady Rigidity

    Golden Triangular frame in optimum span of bed base and guide ways supports the superior acceleration and deceleration movement.

    Large box way column and head cartridge for heavy cut and smooth finishing.

    (for V3-V8/SV815-2060/HSV1150-2060/HVB)

    Material Guarantee

    Rigid Physical Foundation

    MEEHANITE high quality casting iron assures permanent rigidity and accuracy. Each Akira Seiki casting frame is verified when founded by the autherized Meehanite foundries. The Certificate of Mehanite casting follows each Akira Seiki machine.

    Construction frame of V3-5/SV815-1300

    Casting physical report along with every AKIRA SEIKI Machine

    The base of V6/V8/SV1630/SV2060

    New V and SV body with more 700~1000kgs increased than before!

    Scientific Technology Support Physical rigidity are ensured for all Akira Seiki strong VMC in the primary

    design progress by advanced digital assay tool. All structural frames apply COSMOS system for analysis to optimize rigid mechanism foundation.

    Digital FEA (Fine Element Analysis) scientifically demonstrates rigid structure and approves excellent dynamic accuracy and vibration absorption while rapid cutting.

    Reinforced Frame Construction Akira Seiki VMC casting are steady as rock to perform excellent dynamic accuracy and vibration absorption while rapid cutting.

    The internal ribs of each key casting elements like base, column, head-cartridge and saddles are enforced for deformation-resistant and anti- damping vibration.

  • 9 AKIRA - SEIKI Vertical Machining Center 10Vertical Machining Center AKIRA - SEIKI

    * Check availability with local distributor or Akira Seiki.

    Least friction coefficient and preloading for clearance-free between moving surface, precise ball linear guide ways are most compatible for fast movement and high positioning & repeatability accuracy.

    To carry high cutting rapid and loading capability, the major feeding axes are in Japan THK most recommended NR type linear guide ways (THK patented).

    (Japan made) most recommended heavy load linear

    guide ways - NR Type






    Others THK NR

    More effective support contact

    Others THK NR

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