utomating A Wthe orld Digital ¢  Pliant helps ITOps, DevOps, and SecOps teams to adopt and take full

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  • Pliant believes moving at the speed of digital business requires a fundamental change in the way IT organizations must deploy and manage technology. The rapid change and complexity of the infrastructure demand a solution that not only provides initial automation of provisioning and reduc- tion of human error, but must also ensure compliance, and in some cases provide automated real-time mitigation of issues. Pliant’s workflow automation has the power to provide these capabilities in a platform that visually abstracts code from the process allowing ITOps, DevOps, and SecOps teams to quickly create very complex work- flows across multiple domains or silos within the enterprise. Pliant’s automation capabilities allow enterprises to better utilize their human assets while ensuring resilient and com- pliant environments that move with the speed of their digital business.

    Novel Approach Pliant's novel approach takes ease of use beyond most low-code systems without sacrificing power. Combining this power with an execution engine that is horizontally scalable to process millions of requests, executing these requests in sub-second intervals, Pliant has emerged as a leader in this fast-growing niche.

    Take Full Advantage Pliant helps ITOps, DevOps, and SecOps teams to adopt and take full advantage of programmable software-defined infrastructure without needing to augment or completely retrain staff. The platform enables these teams to create and optimize automation processes efficiently allowing enterprises to change quickly and staff to be more productive.

    Accelerate Deployments Pliant provides global enterprises and service providers the ability to accelerate deployments by automating the provi- sioning of complex infrastructure. Pliant’s RPA platform enables IT organizations to easily assemble complex workflows integrating multiple systems, both in the cloud and on-premise. RPA workflows allow the infrastructure to respond to complex events in real time. The Pliant Virtual Guide ensures faster, more reliable implementation of automation work- flows.

    Automatic Code Creation

    It helps ITOps, DevOps, and SecOps teams to quickly create sophisticated and robust work- flows enabling automation across all of their systems.

    Process Automation

    Pliant is a Robotic Process Auto- mation (RPA) Platform for Enter- prise and Service Provider infra- structures.

    Pliant is a single platform solution, which can operate across the Unix/Windows/network boundaries, where many other tools create silos. By having this functionality in a single platform, Pliant is enabling enterprises to move faster and make their employees more


    Saves Time and Money

    This centralized automation saves time and money versus building “one-off” scripts or traditional fragile integrations.

    Automating the Digital World

  • The Pliant RPA platform enables IT teams to:

    Available APIs

    Connect all API enabled IT tools and platforms seamlessly

    Control the life cycle of automation and lower the cost of implementation

    Build dynamic workflows with powerful machine-to-machine automation responding to complex events in real time

    Centralize low-code scripting – all from a single scalable platform

    Assign role-based access to individual API commands, allowing granular control of infrastructure

    Automate actions, which accelerates response and remediation

    Implement low-code workflows, which makes IT teams orders of magnitude more efficient in developing automation

    Improve operational efficiency, which means meeting business goals faster

    By leveraging commercially available APIs, Pliant is able to communicate with the infrastructure to perform an action. This action could range from changing the configuration of a load balancer to updating an incident in a ticketing system, to mediating data between platforms, or all three.

    The true power and flexibility of the platform are recog- nized when it is used to tie multiple systems together. Orchestration, automation, and response com- bined with life cycle management are cornerstones of the platform.

    Automating the Digital World

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    Orchestration Orchestration is about streamlining the interaction of disparate systems to meet the changing demands of business while maintaining the reliability and stability that is required to keep customer satisfaction high.

    Automation Automation has become key in scaling infrastructure based on the different objectives and challenges that face a business at any given time. It is really about leveraging software to do the human work, so people can be more produc- tive. At the end of the day, automation is really a subset of orchestration.

    Response Response focuses on how quickly an action be taken based on some sort of a trigger in the environment. Not all triggers are created equal and are as time-sensitive as others.