Understanding your brand & maximising social media.

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Understanding your brand & maximising social media Slide 2 Understanding Your Brand Ill name that brand in one Understanding your brand A brand game Slide 3 Brand Arrows Slide 4 Brand Game Formula 1 Core purpose Competition for individual and team world champion Brand idea F1 is motorsport the worlds best motorsport Our beliefs Excellence, teamwork, enjoyment, excitement Our feel Prestigious, intimate, Hi-tech, Thrill of speed Our factsElite performance, Premium, Global UEFA Champions League Core purpose Ultimate stage to crown the kings of Europe Brand idea Best of club football best players, coaches, teams Our beliefs Excellence, teamwork, highest quality, excitement Our feelPrestigious Our factsElite performance, Premium Slide 5 Brand Game The Rugby Championship Core purpose Southern Hemispheres premiere international rugby union championship Brand ideaThe best v the best Our beliefs Excellence, tradition, national pride, champions Our feelFaster, bigger, stronger, passion Our factsElite rugby union at its best Six Nations Rugby Core purpose Crown the champion of the northern hemisphere Brand ideaBattle amongst Europes elite Our beliefsTradition, national pride, rivalry, teamwork Our feelExcitement, passion, occasion Our facts The biggest annual rugby competition in the world Slide 6 Brand Game StreetGames Core purpose Brand idea Our beliefs Our feel Our facts Your Organisation Core purpose Brand idea Our beliefs Our feel Our facts Slide 7 Maximising Social Media Facebook remains #1 social network topping for account ownership (83%), active usage (49%) and visit frequency (56% of users log >1 per day) Facebook continues to experience declines but the extent of drop in H2 2013 (3%) over- exaggerated. Still hugely popular among all demographics Biggest rises in numbers were on newer or less established networks. Led by Instagram (+23%) and Reddit (+13%); its a complex world Slide 8 Which Social Media Slide 9 Differences by demographic >50% of active users on all the top social platforms are drawn from the 16-34 age group but it is the 25-34s who form the largest share of users on nearly all of them 16-24s are ahead only on Youtube (32%), Instagram (39%) and Tumblr (45%) with 31% of Pinterests active users also drawn from this age bracket. This reflects the enthusiasm with which the youngest networkers embrace newer networks together with their slight movement away from the longer-established platforms Slide 10 Maximising Social Media Objectives Customer service? Awareness? Attract custom? Share benefits / demo? Audience Thread of steel / narrative Tone of voice Consistency & constancy Human & connected: social is not broadcast Channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all in use by your audience Visual content wins


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