Typographic Contrast

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Text of Typographic Contrast

  • 1. typographic contrast Adding dynamism to text
  • 2. contrast defines hierarchies gives emphasis adds semantics heightens interest
  • 3. SIZE Big text catches attention Small text is for longer reading
  • 4. style Use font styles for emphasis
  • 5. typeface Use moods to mix typefaces Limit to 2-3 typefaces max Serif & sans-serif combinations
  • 6. color Visually effective Hue, saturation, brightness
  • 7. cases Upper-case letters are strong and commanding Upper-case letters lose the ascenders and descenders advantage Use only for acronyms, headings, and titles
  • 8. The quicker-than-lightning brown furry fox jumped amazingly high over the fat stupid weird lazy dog. THE QUICKER-THAN-LIGHTNING BROWN FURRY FOX JUMPED AMAZINGLY HIGH OVER THE FAT STUPID WEIRD LAZY DOG.
  • 9. space Suggesting borders even when there arent any Logical groups, hierarchies of elements Organization and neatness