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  • 8/9/2019 TSURT Spelled Backwards



    By princessofdisaster

    Why do people find it hard to trust others?Why do some of them find I trust you sweeter than I love you?

    What is trust, anyway? And what difference does it make?


    Light from the fluorescent lamp slightly blinked above our ice princess as she took her late afternoon break from work. The blinds in the room were slightly open, revealing a little of the downtown view below. The sky was in shades of deepviolet to black as the sun set to give way to the evening bliss.

    It was barely a week since she had just told Yuri how much she was in love withher, and luckily for her, Yuri returned it with a kissmore like a bliss that came

    down from heaven. Jessica couldnt help but smile at the thought as she read Sophie Kinsellas Remember Me? book on Yuris bed.

    Amber, the time?

    Oh, uh, ten minutes past six.

    A short-haired girl who was sitting at the foot of Yuris bed in her fitted graphic shirt and baggy pants, blurted out the time in a somewhat monotonous tone. Shethen resumed to plugging her earphones in her ear and listening to songs in hermusic player. Jessica frowned a bit as she watched Amber sway her arms frantically from left to right and nod her head repeatedly.

    Excuse me? Im reading here. Duh.

    W-what? Not again, cuz. Im not even singing the song!

    Jessica smirked. Wait until you sing, and Ill put this book on your sorry mouth before you know it.

    Whatever, Jessica. Im not listening to

    Im serious.

    Amber then stopped waving her hands before the book could get into her mouth. Sh

    e pouted with her shoulders slumped against the bed, and gazed at the surroundings. Where is this Yuri, anyway? she asked.

    Shes my Yuri, Jessica said confidently, her smile beaming at Amber.

    Ew. Okay, where is your Yuri? Amber restated her question. She glanced back at thescreen of her Nintendo DS and started pressing some buttons.

    Jessica then put down the book she was reading and looked at her cousin. She pouted and sighed.

    Well, she is

    All of a sudden, a petite, small-eyed girl in her tank top and comfy short skirts opened the door to the room. Sungmin! Sungmin-oppa is coming! she shouted. Hes coming here in Apkujeong, and we have a date tonight!

  • 8/9/2019 TSURT Spelled Backwards


    Jessica let out a deep sigh. Good for you, Sunny, she remarked. Sunny let out a wide smile which almost left her eyes half-closed.


    Yuri held her umbrella tightly as she waited in a line of people outside the tic

    ket booth. She didnt expect rain in Incheon. Back in Apkujeong, the weather was fine when she left. When she arrived at the place, she stumbled upon a souvenir shop, with her jeans partly drenched in rainwater and her bag soaked wet. She decided to buy a cheap, black umbrella from the shop and left immediately to catchup with the long line of people waiting for their ticket reservations.

    Should I?

    Minutes later, it was her turn in the line. She pulled out her credit card fromher wallet and handed it to the guy at the counter. Her fingers fumbled at the edges of the card as she softly spoke,

    Are there any flights bound for Shanghai, China?

    The guy at the counter smiled.



    Jessica tapped her fingers incessantly on the table. It had already been an hour, and Yuri had promised her dinner at seven. She had been so impatient, that shedecided to stop reading Sophie Kinsella and literally dragged her poor cousin into one of the sofas in the living room so they could wait there.

    Sunny came out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and with a towel wrapped around her head. She tried to speak to Jessica as she brushed her teeth vigorously, as if she was going to pull out her teeth with the toothbrush,

    Itseve-n. Sunny said. Jessica saw white foam spurt out of Sunnys mouth.

    Y-yeah, Jessica remarked, trying not to laugh at the sight before her. Shes not backfrom Incheon.

    What if she ran away for good? Amber interrupted. She looked up at her cousin, whose eyebrows were then starting to meet halfway.

    What if you ran out of this house for good?! Jessica shouted.

    Keke, is this your house? Amber chuckled.

    Why you

    Mm! Guys! Stthop alreay! Sunny held her toothbrush with her mouth and tried to stopssica from strangling Amber. More white foam flew out of her mouth as she struggled to break them apart.

    Just wait til I get your mom, Amber said, laughing. Jessica was panting, her face an angry red.

    I shouldnt have brought you here, Jessica shot back in between her gasps, I should have left you drowning in boredom with our cousins in Krystals theater play!

  • 8/9/2019 TSURT Spelled Backwards


    Ding dong!~

    Beer ge-that, Sunny said. She then rushed to the bathroom to finally spit out the foam remaining in her mouth.

    Jessica jumped out of the sofa and ran towards the door. Taking in a deep breath, she turned the knob and slowly opened the door.

    Suddenly, two girls carrying two, three, or even more, dozens of roses, enteredthe door. One of them, a tall girl which somewhat resembled Yuri in a way, but with softer features, pulled out a small guitar out of her backpack and struggledto hold it properly with her hands.

    Jessica raised an eyebrow. Who the hell are you? she asked.

    Im Taeyeon, and this is Seohyun, my assistant, the girl who was about Sunnys heightspoke. She then gestured to the taller girl beside her. Miss Kwon Yuri asked us to be here. Were her friends.

    Jessica kept her eyebrows raised as the two girls in front of her danced a bit,moving their legs from side to side, as the tall girl, Seohyun, strummed the strings of her guitar. Anyone could tell she was a beginner just by the way she plucked its strings. Nevertheless, she smiled as Taeyeon belted out the lines:

    Please baby baby baby, you are inside meI just want to fill it with a special lovebaby baby baby now youremy pretty girlfriend, I wont be jealous of anyone.

    Jessicas frown turned into a smile as she clapped her hands continuously. The twogirls bowed down and approached the auburn-haired girl. They handed her the bouquets of God-knows-how-many-dozens of roses and a small card.

    Thank you! Thank you very much, Jessica said, Amber, a hand, please? She then turnedto her cousin who seemed to have not paid attention to the little show earlier.

    My hands are full, Amber held her hands up high, her music player on one hand, andher earphones on the other.

    Well, now that Sunny isnt here, Im free to strang

    Okay. Amber went to Jessica and carried half of the bouquets of roses. She then dumped these on the sofa and propped herself carelessly on it, sitting on the flowers. Jessica was about to snap at her cousin again when Taeyeon spoke,

    The card, Miss? The small girl pointed at the card.

    Oh, yeah, Jessica said. She flipped the card open and read it, her eyes focused onthe neat penmanship on the card.

    Will be late, be there at ten. Yuri

    Jessicas smile slowly faded away as she put down the card. Great. She said, her voice apparently a note higher than the usual. She quickly grabbed more of the roses from Seohyun, who was struggling to pick up more of the bouquets on the floorwith a guitar on one hand.

    Tell Yuri, its a thank you, too, Jessica shot back at Taeyeon, And Seowhoever you ayou can always put that guitar down before picking up the bouquets. Seohyun gaveher a confused look, her mouth slightly pursed and her eyebrows wrinkled.

  • 8/9/2019 TSURT Spelled Backwards


    Sunny then ran out from her bedroom. She was dressed simply in a yellow shirt with shirring sleeves, a very short pair of shorts, and a matching pair of yellowflats. Her hair was tied up in a bun, with some of her bangs showing above her eyes. Jessica, Yuri told me to let you read this text message,

    I know, Sunny, shes not going to be home until

    Babo, Sunny said, What are you talking about? She then handed Jessica her phone. Jessicas face lighted up a bit when she read the message.

    Kidding, okay? Dinner is ready at the rooftop. Yuri

    My Kkabyul, Jessica said with a smile. She then turned to Taeyeon and Seohyun andshook their hands vigorously. Ah, yes, youre welcome, Miss, Seohyun tried not to wince at Jessica as she pulled free from the handshake. Just tell Yuri unnie were going now. Taeyeon nodded her head to Jessica, who just stared blankly at them, still wearing that smile she had been wearing for seconds.

    Hello, echo, echo, echo!

    Amber shouted, waking Jessica from her subconscious state. Oh, snap! Have you reached the edge of the solar system now?

    After you, Jessica snapped. She then led the two guests out of the room. Thank youvery much, Taeyeon-sshi, Seohyun-sshi. That was sweet of you.

    Taeyeon peeped out of the door as Jessica was starting to close it. Sure, sure, all for Yuri and her girl, she said.

    Amber stood up and headed for the door. Im getting bored making fun of you. I better go back to the hotel.




    Yah! This is not a bedroom, you know!

    Excuse me, but who are you?

    Do you know who I am? Jung Sooyeon, financial journalist!

    That makes us two. Jessica, right?

    How do you know me?

    I think I heard your name during our company orientation. Hi there, officemate.

    You shouldnt be sleeping here at the rooftop. Dont change the subject.

    Kwon Yuri. Also a financial journalist.

    I dont trust you.


  • 8/9/2019 TSURT Spelled Backwards


    Jessica stepped out of the door. In a glance, she saw the stars pinned up against the sky, twinkling endlessly as if t