Issue Stressed is ¢â‚¬“desserts¢â‚¬â€Œ spelled Backwards. To keep you awake and alert while studying for final

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    monium Panda

    A monthly insight into crazy brouhaha at 48west—April 2014


    Stressed About Your Tests? Review These Steps to Help During Final Exams

    Anna Rumsey, Resident Consultant

    Before panic sets in that final exams are approaching. Take a DEEP breath. The Student Academic Success Center is a great resource for students when it comes to studying, beating the stress, and taking a test successfully. They have events that you can attend for tips on how to deal with exam week. Academic Success Workshop: A Final Exam Plan for Low Stress and High Success Monday, April 7, 2014 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Kirkof Center >> Room 2263 OR Wednesday April 9, 2014 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. North C >> Room 142 Here is some solid advice from the SASC about what you can do to prepare for an exam:

    Keep up with the day to work of the course:  Do the reading – before the

    class. At least skim headings and read main topics

     Take good notes in class. Fill in missing information, clarify questions and identify examples as soon as possible after the lecture.

     Go to study groups and tutoring

     Review material within 24 hours and continue to review often

     Make flashcards, re-write/type notes, discuss what you are learning out loud

    Find out about the test  What type of test? Multiple

    choice? Essay? What material will be covered?

     What skills will you need? (memorizing facts, problem solving, application, interpreta- tion?)

     How much is the test worth to your grade? The more it is worth, the more time and energy you need to give in preparing for it.

    Studying for the test  Start early – 7 days before the

    test. Don’t wait until you get a study guide!

     Break material into sections and plan study time for each section.

     Make practice tests or do practice problems

     Work to understand the material not just memorize it.

    Needing more help than this? The SASC has a lot of resources on their website including note-taking, memory, time management and more! Visit and visit the “Learning Skills Service” tab.

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    Stressed is “desserts” spelled


    To keep you awake and alert while studying for final exams, we will be pumping your bodies

    with sugar. And by sugar we mean delicious desserts and caffeine filled energy drinks!

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    Interview Round Table

    Wednesday, April 2nd

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    Dress for Success Thursday, April 3rd

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    American Red Cross Blood Drive

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    Kirkoff Center

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    Toast With T.Haas Wednesday, April 16th

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    Eberhard Center

    Open to all students

    graduating in April of 2014.

    Saturday, April 26th

    10 a.m. & 3 p.m.

    Van Andel Arena

    Wilderness First Responder Certification 5-Day

    Monday, April 28th —

    Friday, May 2nd

    GVSU Fieldhouse

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    Contact us at 616.895.2400

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    West Michigan White Caps Game Tuesday, April 8th

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    Relay for Life Friday, April 11th — Saturday, April 12th

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    Pinterest Night: Herb Gardening Wednesday, April 16th

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    U-05 Model

    Pancakes at Midnight Friday, April 18th

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    Amen Park Stress Relief Walk Tuesday, April 22nd

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    Meet at Resident Services for a ride!

    Book Buy Back Wednesday, April 23rd

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