The way we can help you own your home

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  • The Way we can Help You Own Your Home

    Vendor finance is a kind of way will help property buyers. Vendors provide finance based on a pre-determined set of terms and conditions which are often stated in the contract of sale. Once you use vendor finance the title to the property stays in the vendor's name until you have made all your repayments and fulfilled your obligations under the sale contract. With a vendor finance purchase the seller takes part in financing the home. The seller may finance only a portion of the home, or in some cases they may finance all of it. In any case, again this is an excellent way to buy a home without a huge down payment.

    Motivated sellers get to sell their home faster than they would on the open market, and buyers can take advantage of the lower down payment to buy their home faster and stop throwing money way on rent. We help others, just like you, to own their home every day. There are a few ways that we can help. The most common methods that we use to get you into your new home is to match you with a rent to buy or vendor finance arrangement that fits your requirements. In either case, we put you into your new home with as little money down as possible and at a monthly payment you can afford.

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