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The storybook characters

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The storybook characters. Watch the part with Shrek and the storybook characters again, think about: What Shrek threatens to do to them? What he does to frighten them? How the storybook characters react to him? What this suggests about Shrek? Why the viewers might be confused about Shrek?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • The storybook charactersWatch the part with Shrek and the storybook characters again, think about:What Shrek threatens to do to them?What he does to frighten them?How the storybook characters react to him?What this suggests about Shrek?Why the viewers might be confused about Shrek?

  • Shreks character: a terrifying ogre?The storybook characters call Shrek an it and a thingThey are clearly very scared whispering he will grind your bones for its breadThe audience is now confused: this seems totally different to the character we have just been introduced to

  • The reaction of the storybook characters to Shreks arrival shows him as a terrifying beastShreks character: a terrifying ogre?

  • Shrek tries to scare them by saying he will shave your liver and make jelly from your eyes! Shreks character: a terrifying ogre?

  • The storybook characters run away screaming because Shrek is SO scaryMessage to the audience: maybe this ogre is evil and nastyShreks character: a terrifying ogre?

  • Write about how Shrek is shown as a typical ogre with the storybook characters Cover these points:What Shrek threatens to do to them?What Shrek does to frighten them?How the storybook characters react?What this suggests about Shrek?You could use these phrases:When the storybook characters arriveShrek seems like a traditional ogre because

  • Donkey and Shrek meetWatch the part where Shrek and Donkey meet again. Pay attention to:How donkey responds to ShrekWhy donkey laughs at ShrekHow does donkey irritate Shrek?What Donkeys behaviour suggests about Shreks apparent appearance as a terrifying ogre?

  • Shreks character: meeting DonkeyShrek roars at donkey and tries to intimidate him, just like he did with the storybook characters earlierBut Donkey isnt scared and just ridicules Shrek about his bad breath!

  • Shrek then just walks away. Why is this? Shouldnt he shave [Donkeys] liver and make jelly from [his] eyes? We are starting to question Shreks depiction as an evil characterShreks character: meeting Donkey

  • Shrek assumes Donkey hasnt realised just how terrified he must be so actually TELLS Donkey he is an ogre and suggests it should bother himShreks character: meeting Donkey

  • Shrek fails to stop Donkey, even though he is clearly irritated by himShreks character: meeting Donkey

  • Shreks inability to stop Donkey bouncing on his chair or appearing at the window suggests he isnt such a terrifying ogre after all Shreks character: meeting Donkey

  • Write about what we learn of Shrek when he meets DonkeyCover these points:How does Donkey respond to Shrek?How Donkey repeatedly irritates ShrekWhat Donkeys behaviour suggests about this ogreHow does Shreks reaction to being tormented show about his character?You could use these phrases:When Donkey approaches, Shrek roars at him and tries to intimidate him. Donkey is not frightened andThe behaviour of the Donkey tell viewers that Shrek

  • Shreks character: visit to DulocWatch the part where Shrek and Donkey visit Duloc one more time. Pay special attention to:How does Donkey think Shrek should get his swamp back?What Shrek threatens to do to the villagersWhat this suggests about Shreks character

  • Donkey often argues with Shrek and suggests he pulls some of that ogre stuff to sort out the problem. He thinks Shrek is too soft!Shreks character: visit to Duloc

  • Shrek asks Donkey if he should decapitate an entire village [] cut open their spleens [], all this while eating vegetables! Viewers dont feel Shrek is capable of this even if he wanted to.Donkeys constant arguing with Shrek portrays him as not even vaguely frightening.Shreks character: visit to Duloc

  • Write a about how Shreks character develops after the Duloc visitMake sure you include:How Donkey thinks Shrek should get his Swamp backWhat Shrek threatens to do to the villagersWhat the scene suggests about Shreks characterYou could use these phrases:Shrek and Donkey visit Duloc to try and reclaim Shreks swamp from Lord Farquaad. Donkey thinks that Shrek is too kind and should not have to ask, as the swamp belongs to him anyway. Donkey tells ShrekAs the film progresses we learn that Shrek

  • Shreks character: Princess FionaWatch again the first few moments when Shrek and Fiona meet, look at these aspects:How he greets the PrincessHow she respondsWhy Shrek doesnt slay the dragonHis attitude to DonkeyWhat this shows about his character

  • Shrek shakes Princess Fiona awake saying abruptly wake up now, lets go. Shrek isnt interested in being her Prince Charming.Shreks character: Princess Fiona

  • Poor Fiona is disappointed there is no romantic moment, expecting the fairy taleShreks character: Princess Fiona

  • Even though he has been trying to get rid of Donkey he goes back to rescue him from the dragon, referring to Donkey as his ass. This is a brave thing to do, very un-ogre like, he is behaving like a hero.Shreks character: Princess Fiona

  • Write about what we learn of Shrek when he rescues Princess FionaInclude:How he greets the PrincessAbout how she responds and what this suggestsTalk about the reason Shrek gives for not slaying the dragon What him rescuing Donkey shows about Shrek and his relationship with this characterPhrases you could use:When Shrek breaks in to the castle he acts like an ogre whenAlthough Shrek appears violent, we learn he has failed to slay the dragon because