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RED EJ KOH KIT MILLS a fable written by illustrated by

Red Storybook

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A storybook of Red, the novel by EJ Koh. Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you intend to read Red with full surprise expectation. (bit.ly/readRED) Sera didn't belong... and now she's coming for them all.

Text of Red Storybook

  • RED

    EJ KOH


    a fable

    written by

    illustrated by

  • Spoiler AlertIf you intend to read Red, this storybook might give away a bit more than youd like. Read Red first (bit.ly/readRED) and then return for more.

  • n Heaven, a girl named Sera snuck into a prison to see a real demon.

  • hen she saw the demonnamed Azelshe fell in love.

  • ut the demon possessed her in order to make his escape, damaging her body in the process.

  • oldiers came, and a man accused Sera of being the demons accomplice.

  • he demon, carrying Sera, escaped to Earth.

  • here, he trained her for weeks to harden her body.

  • emons, looking for Azel, found Sera instead.

  • era left with the demons, who promised her more power.

  • hey took her down the steps to Hell, where she fought every block

    and barricade.

  • he demons praised her, but Sera would not have it.

  • era was not a child anymore. She lost control and attacked the demons.

  • zel found her and begged her to stop. Sera escaped back to Heaven.

  • here, she was unwelcomed by an army of her old friends.

  • he fought the droves, and killed the man who accused her.

  • ut for winning, she paid the price with blood. She would not live through this day.

  • Read the whole story atbitly/readRED