Telemarketing Skills for Professionals

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  • Telemarketing Skills for Professionals

    Duration : 1 Day

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    Using the telephone to make initial contact with prospective clientsis, without doubt, highly efficient. In order to make it highly effectivethere are basic principles that can be applied, and skills that can bedeveloped. This training provides the individual with not just the willto succeed, which is essential, but also the will, and the tools, toprepare to succeed.

    The very limited time available for effective communication with thetarget client, means that thorough preparation is key. With this inmind, the call is broken down into component parts and the relevantpsychology is explained and explored at each stage. We provide aninsight into the structured approach which supports successfultelemarketing activities, including effective questioning and activelistening. We encourage self-scripting as opposed to the idea ofintelligent telemarketers being given a script. The programmereinforces the value of a well researched and planned approach,carefully crafting the words and phrases with emphasis on what wesay and how we say it.

    We provide self-management tools for the all important mentalpreparation, self-motivation and self-discipline which separate thetop performing telemarketer from the mediocre.

    Telemarketing Skills for Professionals is packed with ideas, and ishighly effective in the development of techniques applicable in allbusiness sectors. The programme is highly interactive andparticipative, and gives the delegates an opportunity for practice inshort, recorded sessions, with feedback and coaching.


    Richard Morley is a career sales professional. His experienceincludes twelve years of successful, high level sales and negotiationin business development roles, to director level, for major UK FMCGcompanies, including Dalgety-Spillers, Allied Lyons and Ranks HovisMcDougall.

    Having being coached by some of the UK's top business leaders inthe FMCG sector, Richard moved into professional training with aleading sales and leadership development provider. During histwelve years as a senior consultant and director, he researched,designed and delivered highly successful programmes on all aspectsof leadership and business development to a wide range ofaudiences, with outstanding tangible results for his clients. Oftenpresenting to audiences of over 300 people, and conducting one-to-one executive coaching in the same week, Richard has developed aflexible and motivational style of communication and skills transfer. e : t : 020 7242 6627 f : 020 7904 3976 12

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    Basic principles comfort zones, confidence and self-motivation getting through to the right people raising initial interest questioning and listening

    Preparing the calls researching the prospect preparing our opening statements structuring our message mental preparation

    Individual exercise on delivering key parts of the call. Telephone role-play, recording and playback. Review, feedback and discussion.

    Planning the calls what we say and how we sound handling initial resistance dealing with objections closing on the appointment or next action

    Individual exercise on delivering key parts of the call. Telephone role-play, recording and playback. Review, feedback and discussion.

    Summary and Individual / Team Action Plans what are we going to do differently from now on? what results should we expect?

    The programme is designed to be highly practical, and flexibleenough to meet the requirements of the delegates.