Soft Skills for HR Professionals

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  • By Divya C2nd MSW Student, Gurushree college of Commerce and Social Work, Tumkur.

  • In most of the situations and circumstances, we come across two options; either we want to do or we dont want to do; either we agree to it or we dont agree to it; either it is acceptable or it is not acceptable; either you want or you dont want. It has been seen that many HR Professionals are confused. They are not clear, They dont know what role they like to play in the organization. They dont have clarity of role. They dont have clear expectations, neither from themselves, or from their team or from their internal customers (employees). With this confusion, they fail to take decisions. They fail to take stand

  • HR professionals is expected to be efficient in time management. Most of the time, I have seen that they dont give any time limit. You approach them for any work and they respond by saying, Ok, it will be done. But when? I agree that Good HR Professionals have many things to do. Recruitments, Employee Relations, Talent Management, Career Development, Benchmarking, etc are the things, which takes lots of time. But, all goals, all dreams, all activities, all commitments looks good and are achievable, if there is a closing date for that. For Example, I want my company to be in top-10 companies in the world. Its a Vision. Its a good dream. But, if I dont specify, by which year or in how many years, I want to achieve that goal, it will only remain as a dream and will never become a reality. Uncertainty, Ambiguity, Open-Ended commitment, Confusion, these are things, that are not expected from any HR Professional.

  • People Knowingly or unknowingly but quite often, instead of Circumstances and Situations, we tend to compare two different people.Instead of analyzing the behavior of a person we tend to analyze them as an individual and take this as our right. The very basic principle of science and management says that no two individuals are same.

  • Everybody should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They should be aware as what they want in their life and career. It is a well known fact and has been proved in various surveys that HR professionals dont care to understand the business of the company and the industry that they are working in so its imp for HR to knowledge about the business and industry .

  • Team and Organization What we want to do for the organization? planning to implement a competitive compensation plan? Do we want to take your company in the bracket of 25 Best Employers in the Country?planning to acquire best of the talent from market? Do you think that you need to control the growing Attrition Rate of your company? Have you thought about Organization Development and Talent Management? Usually, that is the confusion. HR professionals and HR heads dont have that vision.

  • You talk to any person in any other profession and tell them that you are in HR; two things will automatically flash in their mind Theory and Practice. One reason why HR professionals in India have not been able to enter into the Board Room and make their presence felt in the organization is because though they have ideas, they have strategies and policies but they are not able to support those strategies with data. (It is just because of the fact that there is no mathematics and calculations involved in this subject that many people [mostly females] love to join this profession).

  • We have heard and read in our schools and colleges that Knowledge is a wealth; the more you distribute/share the more you gain. We are privileged and are in a very unique position where we can develop people. We can develop their career. We can develop their life. We can help them in changing their perception and behavior. We can groom them, so that they can be successful in their life. Dont you think that we have very important and crucial role to play?? If 10 people will remember me once I bid adieu to this world for helping them in developing their life.

  • This again is a common quality that everyone should have, irrespective of the profession they are in, but it is more appreciable in HR Professionals and is like a must have quality. They need to set standards for others to follow; they need to benchmark their own behavior and if they start flowing with water, everything else will go for a toss and things will go out of control. Discipline in life is a must to grow, prosper and being successful.

  • This is very important quality and must have for all HR Professionals. Candidates, at the time of interview share important information with HR; Employees share lots of information, personal, professional, ideas, suggestions, future related, dreams etc. Imagine, if the HR professional keep sharing that information with everyone in the team of HR; will that employee ever comeback to HR to share anything with him. NEVER. HR professionals need to win that trust and then maintain and keep that trust. This is very true for HR Professionals, who are working in Employee Relations.

  • I have mentioned that for HR professionals to stand-up and get counted, there are miles to go. Some HR professionals have started this journey but many have still to take that FIRST STEP. Believe me, we are in a very good profession and if we can try we can changes in many ways. We have an opportunity to give jobs, give careers, professional growth, coach and mentor people. On other hand, we can increase productivity, motivate employees, manage talent, build brand for the company and also make the company Best Company to work for. So, kindly stand-up, take that first step and get counted.