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  • 1. Information And Communication Technology In Science (SSI 3013) Title : Stella Report Prepared for: Encik Azmi Bin Ibrahim Prepared by:1. Dayang Sufinah Binti Datu Teng D20101037517 Semester 1 Session 2012/2013 Group B 1
  • 2. CONTENTSCover 1Contents 2 1. Introduction 2. Application 4 3. Advantages and Disadvantages 9 4. Conclusion 11 2
  • 3. Introduction Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real world process or system overtime. A simulation of a system is the operation of a model, which is a representation of thatsystem. For example the act of simulating something is first requires that a model must bedeveloped because a simulation of a system is the operation of a model, which is arepresentation of that system. The model is amenable to manipulation which would beimpossible, too expensive or too impractical to perfom on the system which is potrays. Themodel of the simulation represent the key characteristics or the behaviors of the selectedphysical or abstract system. The model represents the system itself, whereas the simulationrepresents the operation of the system over the time. The operation of the model can bestudied, and from this, properties concerning the behvior of the actual system can be inferredor be concluded. Besides, simulation used in many contexts or ways. For example, simulation of thetechnology for the perfomance optimization, safety engineering, training and education.Simulation is also used with the scientific modelling or natural systems or human systems togain insight into their functioning. For example, simulation can be used to show the eventualreal effects of the alternative condition of the action. Simulation is also used when the realsystems cannot be engaged because it may not be accessible, or sometimes, it may bedangerous or unacceptable to engage, or it may simply not exist. A computer simulation , a computer model or a computational model is a computerprogram where it run on a single computer, or a network of computers. This will attempt tostimulate an abstract model of a particular system. Besides, computer simulations havebecome a useful part of mathematical modelling of many natural systems in physics,chemistry, biology, engineering and economics. This simulation of a system is represented asthe running of the systems model. This help us to explore and gain new insight into the newtechnology. This computer simulation also helps us to estimate the performance of systemthat are too complex for the analytical solution. 3
  • 4. Application There are some of the interesting applications of the simulation. One of theapplications is designing and analyzing manufacturing system. System can be design by usingthe process of the simulatiom. Then, evaluating the H/W and S/W requirements for acomputer system ia also one the application of simulation process. This simulation is alsoused in military because it can evaluating a new military weopons system or tactics. Not onlythat, simulation also determining the ordering policies for an inventory system and designingcommunications systems and message protocols for them. Simulation can be used on ourdaily life. This is because, simulation can be applied in designing and operating transportationfacilities sucha s freeways, airports, subways and ports. The other application of thesimulation is evaluating design for service organizations such as hospitals, post offices or fastfood restaurant and analyzing financial or economic systems. Computer simulation will help to give motivation to the student in the class. This isbecause simulation can be defined as interactive multimedia with dynamic-element that areunder user control. Unlike the other currently available educational media, simulation arehighly interactive with many user-controlled features. For example, one of the computersimulation is Stella System. This simulation will help student to increase their motivation inthe learning. For example, when the student learn about pre-predators. A predator is anorganism that eats another organism. The prey is the organism which the predator eats. Someexamples of predator and prey are snake and rat, lion and zebra, bear and fish, and fox andrabbit. The words "predator" and "prey" are almost always used to mean only animals that eatanimals, but the same concept also applies to plants: Bear and berry, rabbit and lettuce,grasshopper and leaf. Predator and prey evolve together. The prey is part of the predators environment, andthe predator dies if it does not get food, so it evolves whatever is necessary in order to eat theprey. so speed, stealth, a good sense of smell, sight, or hearing to find the prey, immunity tothe preys poison, poison to kill the prey, the right kind of mouth parts or digestive system arevery important. Likewise, the predator is part of the preys environment, and the prey dies if itis eaten by the predator, so it evolves whatever is necessary to avoid being eaten that includespeed, camouflage to hide from the predator, a good sense of smell, sight, or hearing to detectthe predator, thornsand poison to spray when approached or bitten. 4
  • 5. Example of Relationship between Pre-Predator So, with computer simulation, student can know the increase or decrease in thepopulation of the pre-predators. For example, rat and snake in oil palm plantations. Thissimulation will motivate students to have higher interesting in this topics. This is because,students can adjust and run the simulation themselves. With this simulation, student will havehigher intrinsic motivation compared when teachers only teach them about the increasing inthe population with the pictures. Student will have no ideas if they only be shown to thepictures and this will lead them to become boring with the lesson. Then, using Stella system,student can explore the simulation, their intrinsic motivation will increase. This is because,using computer simulation, the parameter of the experiment can be change. So, when thissimulation help to show the real data about the experiments. Student can identify the changesof the pattern of the result. Simulations also allow students to explore and create materials that they could notwork directly with in real life. For example, Stella program or system provides anenvironment in which students can explore processes and see the effects of changes. Theseopen environments can also help students to correct the errors and misconceptions in theirthinking by allowing them to test out hypotheses. Simulations can enable students to developfamiliarity with an activity before they engage in it. As an example, with Stella students canuse an interactive computer program to proceed fully through a graph and they can do repeatthe activity whenever they like. So, it will make them easy to understand the lesson. The other benefit of using stella are the student can stimulate the system over the timeand tis simulation is jump the gap between theory and the real world. Students are enable tocreatively change the system to make their understanding about topics they learn more strong 5
  • 6. and avoid them from having miscncept about the topics. This simultion also teach students tolook for relationship and clearly communicate system inputs and outputs besides demonstratethe outcomes result. For example, the 3 graph for different parameter use to look for thepattern of the result outcomess. From the three graphs, it shown that using computersimulation also can make student easily to make prediction about the population of the prey-predators. This is because, when the students run the experiment so many times, they willhave the ideas about the pattern. So, student will easily can predict the next result of thegraph.Graph of simulation 150 6
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  • 8. Computer simulations are more effective when some form of guidance is provided tostudents. Many simulations provide guidance in the form of directions at critical points andfeedback on performance. Simulations can also guide students by highlighting criticalfeatures, ensuring that students attend to what