Skills for the Future

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Skills for the Future. Marian Leibowitz. Did You Know? 2.0. Replace. Recreate. Reopen. Redesign. Reprogram. Restart. Repackage. Reinvigorate. Reinvent. Refresh. Renew. Revision. Re-engineer. Redirect. Reorder. Recycle. Retool. And. Essential Goals. 21 st Century Skills. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Skills for the future

Skills for the FutureMarian LeibowitzDid You Know? 2.02

RecreateRedirectRevisionRe-engineerRepackageReinvigorateReprogramRenewRecycleRedesignRefreshReinventRetoolReopenReplaceRestartReorderAnd . . . . . . 3Essential Goals421st Century SkillsCritical and Creative ThinkingCollaborationCommunicationSelf ManagementGlobal Citizenship5CommunicationVerbalWrittenTechnologicalPresentation Skills6Critical and Creative ThinkingProblem solving and problem findingUnderstanding diverse perspectivesAnalysis and SynthesisApplication of informationCreative thinking/entrepreneurship/ InnovationEvaluation7Global CitizenshipAwareness of cultural similarities and differencesOpenness to multiple perspectivesUnderstanding of cause and effect and interdependenceKnowledge of cultural values and the impact on politics, everyday life etc.World LanguagesEthical Responsibility8