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Sino indian relations

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2. ECONOMIC TIES MILITARY CONFLICTS BORDER ISSUES 3. ECONOMIC TIES History of trade and commerce between India and China 4. THE SILK ROUTE 5. And in Modern times 6. MILITARY CONFLICTS THE SINO-INDO WAR OF 1962 7. How did the war start??? What were the causes? 8. UNCLEAR BORDER DEMARCATIONS 9. THE FORWARD POLICY 10. Tibetan issue 11. The Thag-La confrontation 12. THE EASTERN THEATRE 13. THE WESTERN THEATRE 14. THE LULL 15. ZHOU ENLAI JAWAHARLAL NEHRU 16. THE AFTERMATH 17. INTERNATIONAL OPINION CHINA IS THE AGRESSOR 18. USA EXTENDS SUPPORT TO INDIA 19. CHINESE OPINION War was a success 20. REACTION BY THE INDIAN SIDE Jawaharlal Nehru comes under tremendous pressure 21. India adopts new policies and strategies to improve its military Indian Army adopts new strategies and ideologies, becomes 3rd largest army in the world in just two years 22. and as of 2012 23. MAJOR CHINESE TERRITORIAL CLAIMS AND INCURSIONS 24. AKSAI CHIN 25. ARUNACHAL PRADESH 26. INCURSION IN LADAKH 27. THE WAY FORWARD 28. Political strength Economic ties Development in the region