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  • Dear Sino-Eco members and friends:

    The debate earlier this year on the Tibet issue concerning a letter published in the Frontiers among the Sino-Eco members and the two subsequent write-back letters showed the responsibility and love of ecologists overseas for the country we forever call home. Coincidently, Dr. Changhui Peng and other scientists from China had another article recently published in Science on the efforts by the Chinese government on protecting the Tibet natural resources.

    Sino-Eco members played key roles on organizing several major academic events in China between May and June, which include the Eco Summit and China EcoVision Lecture Series in Beijing, the Fourth International Symposium on Modern Ecology Series (ISOMES) at University of Inner Mongolia in Hohhot, and the Advanced Ecology Lectures" at Fudan University in Shanghai. Our members also helped organize the Editorial and Publishing Workshop in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. We have recently concluded the Eco-essay collection; with about 30 essays of various topics submitted.

    Notable In the evening of May 27, 2007, the Sino-Eco delegates attending Eco-Summer celebrated Professor Yang Hanxis 90th birthday. Later they had a joint meeting with Dr. Wang Rusong and Aoyang Zhiyun, the President and Secretary General of Ecological Society of China, discussing further collaboration between the two organizations.

    More recently, many Sino-Eco members attended ESA-SER joint annual meeting in San Jose, California between August 6 and 10. About 40 members and scholars from China gathered at a local Chinese restaurant for a dinner party. New and old friends enjoyed the moments of chatting and relaxing.


    Ben Gu, Ph.D.

    President, Sino-Eco

    Message from the President Inside This Issue

    5 Sino Eco Get-together at ESA

    2,7,9,16 News

    15, 17 Events

    2 Hot Links

    12 Zoom in Africa

    4 Recent Publications

    11 Job Opportunities

    17 New Members

    17 Poem

    Executive Committee

    President/Committee Chair Dr. Ben Gu

    (South Florida Water Management District)

    Vice President Dr. Yiqi Luo

    (U of Oklahoma)

    Science & Policy Coordinator Dr. Qinqin Liu

    (CA Dept of Water Resource)

    Public Relation Dr. Weixing Zhu

    (Binghamton University)

    Newsletter/Web Editor Dr. Frank Chang

    (Las Vegas Valley Water District)


    Dr. Hong Liu (U of Florida/USDA)

    Past President

    Dr. Changhui Peng (U of Quebec at Montreal)

    ISSN 1938-7881 VOLUME 20 ISSUE 2 September 2007



    2007 5 22-27 70 1400


    70 1300

    Sino-Eco Sino-Eco 4

    Sino-Eco Newsletter Assigned ISSN

    Sino Eco Newsletter has recently been assigned an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). The benefits of using an ISSN include: the ISSN results in accurate citing of serials by scholars, researchers, abstracters, and librarians; it is eminently suitable for computer use in fulfilling the need for file update and linkage, retrieval, and transmittal of data; it is used in libraries for identifying titles, ordering and checking in, and claiming serials; it simplifies interlibrary loan systems and union catalog reporting and listing. The ISSN for Sino Eco Newsletter is 1938-7881.

    Dr. Ping LU has new contact:

    Dr. Ping LU

    Senior Plant Ecophysiologist

    EWL Sciences

    Postal address: PO Box 39443,

    Winnellie, NT 0821

    Road address: 482 Stuart Highway,

    Winnellie, NT 0820

    Tel +61 8 8922 5217

    Fax +61 8 8922 5260


    Hot Links Provided by Dr. Ben Gu:

    Beijing Ecological Declaration

    Dr. Yiqi Luo and other scientists in China were interviewed about the

    causes and strategies against dust storms in China in this science paper.

    :2004 06

    Provided by Dr. Yufu Cheng Cover story from Business Week (July 23, 2007): Broken China.

    Dr. Yufu Chen joined a

    Chinese NGO Innovation Center for

    Energy and Transportation (ICET) in

    Sept. 2006


    Dr. Changhui

    Peng just completed

    a field trip to Tibet in July


    From the Editor The next issue of Sino-Eco newsletter will be published around the Christmas in 2007. It is time to think ahead and send in your contributions to share your experience and achievement.

    We welcome your continued contribution on:

    1. News from our members such as relocation, graduation, award received and promotion etc. And major recent ecological / environmental events from China and around the world;

    2. Reports from meeting/workshop/conference/field trip;

    3. Recent publications;

    4. Ecological photography/literature (photos and essays);

    5. Announcements.

    6. Professional development, job announcement and interview techniques, etc.

    Web site development and enhancement is also underway.

    We are looking for volunteers to work on the newsletter and website enhancements. If you are interested, please send me an email at I am sure it will be a fulfilling experience where you can learn new skills while helping the Sino-Eco community.

    Frank Chang

    Newsletter and Web Editor

    Cottonwoods were exposed as Lake Powell is at the lowest recorded levels

    By Ian Parker


    Ben Gu:

    1. Sten, J., Wang, Y., Gu, B. and Newman, J., 2007. Distribution and turnover of carbon in natural and constructed wetlands in the Florida Everglades. Applied Geochemistry 22: 1936-1948.

    2. Guo, Q., Z. Wu, M. Qian, and B. Gu. 2007. The roles of porous coral sands in initial enrichment of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. TheScientificWorldJOURNAL 7:525532.

    3. An, S.Q., B. H. Gu. C. F. Zhou, Z. S. Wang, Z. F. Deng, Y. B. Zhi, H. L. Li, L. Chen, D. H. Yu and Y. H. Liu. 2007. Spartina invasion in China: implications for invasive species management and future research. Weed Research 47:183-191.

    4. Yang Q, Chen ZH, Zhao JG, Gu BH 2007. Contaminant removal of domestic wastewater by constructed wetlands: Effects of plant species. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 49:437-446.

    Changhui Peng:

    1. Peng, CH., Ouyang, H. Gao, Q. et al. 2007. Building a Green railway in China, Science, 316: 546-547.

    2. Wu, HB, Guiot, J., Simon, B., Guo, ZT, and CH Peng, 2007. Dominant factors controlling glacial and interglacial variations in treeline elevation in tropical Africa, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of United States of America (PNAS), 104: 9720-9724.

    3. Kun Tan, Shilong Piao, C.H. Peng, Jingyun Fang, 2007. Satellite-based Estimation of Biomass Carbon Stocks for Northeast Chinas Forests between 1982 and 1999. Forest Ecology and Management: 240,114-121.

    4. Zhang, J. Ge, Y., Zhou, X., Jiang, H., Chang, J., Peng, C.H., Jiang, B., Yu, S., 2007. Carbon storage by the ecological service forest in Zhejiang Province, Subtropical China. Forest Ecology and Management, 245: 64-75.

    Jiquan Chen:

    1. Zhang, W.L., S.P. Chen, J. Chen, L. Wei, X.G. Han, G.H. Lin. 2007. Biophysical regulations of carbon fluxes of a steppe and a cultivated cropland in semiarid Inner Mongolia. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 146: 216-229

    2. Noormets, A., J. Chen, T.R. Crow. 2007. Age-dependent changes in ecosystem carbon fluxes in managed forests in northern Wisconsin, USA. Ecosystems 10: 187-203.

    3. Cheng,, X., R. Peng, J. Chen, Y. Luo, Q. Zhang, S. An, J. Chen and B.Li. 2007. CH4 and N2O emissions from Spartina alterniflora and Phragmites australis in experimental mesocosms. Chemosphere 68: 420-427.

    4. Li, Q., J. Chen, M.K. Bresee, J.A. Rademacher, and J.J. LaCroix. 2007. Areas influenced by multiple edges and their implications in fragmented landscapes. Forest Ecology and Management 242: 99-107.

    5. Cheng, X., S. An, J.Chen, B. Li, Y. Luo, J. Chen, S. Liu, and Y. Liu. 2007. Spatial relationships among species, aboveground biomass, N, and P in disturbed prairie communities. Journal of Arid Environment 68: 652-667.

    Lixin Wang: 1. Wang, L., G. S. Okin, J. Wang, H. Epstein and S. A. Macko. 2007. Predicting leaf and

    canopy 15N compositions from reflectance spectra. Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L02401, doi:10.1029/2006GL028506.

    2. Wang, L., P. DOdorico, S. Ringrose, S. Coetzee and S. Macko. 2007. Biogeochemistry of Kalahari sands. Journal of Arid Environments, doi:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2007.03.016 (in press)

    3. Wang, L., P. P. Mou, J. Huang and J. Wang. 2007. Spatial variation of nitrogen availability in a subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest of southwestern China. Plant and Soil (in press).

    Recent Publications






    ESASino Eco

    Triple Wu









    San Jose

    2007 San Jose ESA Sino-Eco


    11 Sino-Eco

    2007 5 29 -31


    Sino-Eco members Tang Jianwu, Gu Binhe, Dong Quan, Guo Qinfeng, Zhu Weixing,

    Wu Jianguo, Han Xinguo, Wu Me

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