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  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


    S M

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  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


    Kirpal Singh

  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today





    Preace ..................................................................................................... 3

    Chapter I Possibilities to come in Contact with Naam ................. 5

    Chapter II Te wasted reasure ..................................................... 14

    Chapter III God Himsel is the Greatest Wonder in Universe ... 23

    Chapter IV We are all One .............................................................. 26

    Editorial Appendix Te Service o ones Fellow Human Beings.... 33


  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


    Te Sant Mat today



    Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots;kind words are the blossoms, kind deeds are the ruits.


  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today





    Te ollowing content is ree rom any influence by groups o in-terest and institutional ormations as well as old and new spiritualorganisations which use the names o all Saints o the past andthe name o Kirpal Singh in doing so more than a ew misusethese names or their own interest.

    With the ollowing pages, it is, in no case, intended to criticise oreven to hurt people in their sincere effort in working or the onematter, namely the uplif o the whole mankind and the realisationo the rue Unity.

    Everyone can rejoice in the Gurus Love and Mercy. I do

    not want to disconcert anybody. Under instructions oGuru Nanak I will see that the rue Name (Sat Naam)will be repeated in the whole world.

    eg Bahadur

    It merely should be pointed out that even today it is possible to

    receive the Holy Initiation directly, by what it is possible or thesoul in man to rise above the iron curtain the human body and to cross the Inner Realms with the help and indispensablesupport o the rue Master Naam or Word to finally reachher origin, the Eternal Home, Sach Khand.


  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


    Te Sant Mat today



    Guru Gobind Singh has put it this way:

    He who is one and the same in the beginning and the endis the maniested Power o God, the Shabd, and that isthe Real Master.

    Te Night is a Jungle,XI. Guru Bhakti A Lesson in Love,

    by Kirpal Singh, 1894 1974

  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today




    Chapter I

    Possibilities to come in Contact with Naam

    Bani Word or Sound Principle is the Guru, and Guruis the Bani personified, and the Elixir o Lie gushes outo the Bani.1

    Whoever accepts what the Gurbani says, he can be reedthrough the Grace o the Living Master.

    Excerpt from the book Godman:Chapter VI Te Need of a Master

    Te Formless God pervades the Universe in the orm

    o Shabd or Word; but we cannot eel blessed unless weare enabled to contact It within.

    Te entire atmosphere is charged with electricity but onecannot derive any benefit rom it so long as one cannotreach out to an electric switch that controls the energy

    coming rom the power-house.

    1 There is a vast difference between Gurbani and Bani. The former refers

    to the sayings of the Gurus as recorded in the Holy Scriptures especially

    the Granth Sahib , whereas the latter refers to the Eternal Sound Current,

    sometimes called Gur-ki-Bani, reverberating in all creation. It emanates

    from God Himself and He alone can manifest It. Moreover, this Bani Naam

    or Word is sounding throughout the four Yugas, ages, and gives itsmessage of Truth.

    Te Sant Mat today

  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


    Te Sant Mat today



    Once this contact is established, it gives us light, hot or

    cold breezes as we may need, and helps us in innumer-able ways in sweeping the house, cooking our ood andthe like. It carries huge industrial loads like the prover-bial demon and does work that a thousand persons puttogether cannot do.

    In exactly the same way, i one could but reach out to

    some Human Pole where Gods energy in the orm oShabd is maniest, one can become truly blessed andreap a rich Spiritual Harvest beyond all measure. Saints,Prophets, Seers, and Master-Souls are such maniestedPoles that radiate Gods Light, Lie and Love.

    As it has appeared worldwide since 1974 afer Kirpal Singhs physi-

    cal departure, until today there are two possibilities or the sincereseeker afer ruth, according to the individual receptivity, to get incontact with Naam.

    Many people are allowed since 1974 through Gods ever-flowingMercy to meet independently this Power inside in the orm oKirpal Singh. Tese dear ones ofen do not know to integrate theexperience o this Power.

    Yet afer being led by Gods leading hand to the respective placeo His action, the dear ones joyully recognise this experiencedPower, or instance on photographs. Kirpal Singh emphaticallypointed out that photographs should not be used or the pur-

    pose o meditation by memorising them, or these images are


  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today




    unable to speak to the soul inside, they should be used merely

    and solely or sweet remembrance.

    Te dear ones already being indirectly in contact with this Power,receive then, through the Conscious Co-Workers o the DivinePlan, the still needully Holy Initiation and the Holy Initiationexperience, the necessary first-hand experience i.e. the con-scious contact with the Light o God and the Voice o God to

    ulfil the practical part o Spirituality, namely the Holy Medi-tation in their lives.

    Also people who did not encounter this Power beore the HolyInitiation consciously, are always afer Holy Initiation permitted as described since the beginning o time by all CompetentMasters to hear the Holy Sound Current which comes rom the

    right side and to see the Holy Light. Tey either then rememberthemselves afer initiation that they encountered this Power be-ore or they meet Kirpal Singh afer initiation within, respectivetheir individual receptivity.

    It is quite common that the Master o the Conscious Co-Workerso the Divine Plan working now, appears to the seekers afer ruth,or they always have the wish that everyone who receives Naam maysee their Master within. Tis was the reason that Hazur Baba SawanSingh ofen appeared together with Kirpal Singh to the disciplesduring initiation given by Him (Kirpal Singh).

    Tereore Kirpal Singh appears still today to the seekers afer ruth

    who through His overflowing Grace, receive the Holy Contact


    Possibilities to come in Contact with Naam

  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today


    Te Sant Mat today



    with the God-into-expression-Power, that is Naam, Shabd, Kalma,

    AkashBanior the Word which the human soul can experience asthe Divine Light and the Divine Sound Principle.

    Dogmas or Isms are taking place in the hearts o the seekers aferruth which met the Perect Master, whensoever He leaves thephysical plane or i the dear ones do not want to behave accordingto the Masters commandments.

    Tis happens by reasons o bondage, ego, lust, greed or by reason oname and ame. It is not uncommon that organisations are establishedafer the departure o the Master-Saints to keep Teir teachingsalive. Instead o being beneficial or this purpose, these structuresemerge over and over again, at all times, as rigid and dogmatic,not really acting in the interest o the seekers afer ruth; even i

    the intention may have been noble in the beginning to be helpulor those who till then have not had the great ortune to meet theLiving Master or His Gurumukhs and Khalsas.

    A place is only holy by the presence o a Saint. I the One leaves theplace again, the place itsel becomes worthless, or it is only the lie-Impulse o these Personalities Who animate the places. Te same is

    the case or organisations and structures. Tese institutional struc-tures without the guidance o a rue Saint rather hold up the seekerafer ruth than to supportingly escort him to the place where hecan come into contact with the saving Naam, the Holy Word.

    Even souls with a good ortune becoming inappreciably led astray,even i they met the Master within and came in contact with Naam,the Holy Word at places which are predestined.

  • 8/13/2019 Sant Mat Today




    With all kinds o tricks and demagogic knacks selfish men not

    only those who were not put on the Path o Sant Mat throughGods Grace regrettably mislead the unprepared and insecuresouls on purpose in the name o Sant Mat and the Unity o Manrunning thus a business o soul catching; supported by recitationand explanation o the scriptures o Kirpal Singh and o other GreatSaints o the past according to their own interpretation, spiced withgestures and worldly goods including beautiul buildings, estates,

    wealth, reliquaries o deceased Saints, photographs, where you cansee them together with the Saints etc.

    All this is presented as an evidence to the insecure and unknowingsouls in order to give justice to the wangled claim o holiness.

    Not rarely people and places linked with the Saints names yield

    to slowly creeping delusion. Guru Nanak describes this inJap Ji asollows:

    Whenever one asserts the little ego, I, as doing things,one assumes the unending role o an ever-active agentresponsible or his actions and is caught in the intricatenet o transmigration.

    which unavoidably leads the Saints to l

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