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Sant ramon

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  • 1. Hermitage of Sant RamonSant Ramon Hermitage was built in the late1880s at the top of the Montbaig mountain,now better known as Sant Ramon mountain.

2. Sant Ramon mountain belongs to threeneighbouring towns, Sant Boi, Sant Climent andViladecans. Sant Boi is the closest one to ourhometown, Cornell. 3. From the summit you can see the Llobregatdelta and Barcelona, and, on clear days,Mallorca island. 4. Last year we took the train from Cornell to SantBoi and then we went nordic walking up to SantRamon. 5. Then, when you came to Barcelona inSeptember, we went there again. 6. Its an ideal place to practiseNordic Walking. 7. THE ENDWe hopeyouenjoyed it!

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