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  • Data driven CXAccelerating your journey to customer centered marketing

    20 October 2015 Metia 1

  • 20 October 2015 Metia 2

    Who we are

    How your customers changed

    The role of data

    What we believe

    How to get started

  • Who we are

    20 October 2015 Metia 3

  • Our promise

    Use customer and market data to enable real time contextual relevancy. We will support customers to ensure they have the right people, process, data and technology to deliver authentic customer centered marketing

    We support: Our clients are businesses who:

    We are different because we:

    We do this by:

    CX leaders in organizations that strive to be best of breed

    Want to accelerate customer relationships and ROI by evolving the experiences created for their customers

    Applying our programmatic approaches to provide integrated audience understanding, data strategy, content strategy and digital experience design that take each of our customers on an accelerated journey to their customer centered goals

  • Our Story has a hero


    Function lead










    Start up





  • We accelerate the Customer Lifecycle

    20 October 2015 Metia 6





    Evangelize experiences Contribute to the

    community Advocate the brand Share content

    Provide information Transact 1+ times Consume content

    Defend the brand Co-create content Lead the conversation

    Build acquisition momentum

  • How your customers changed

    20 October 2015 Metia 7

  • 20 October 2015 Metia 8

    Passive RecipientsCustomers were individually isolated; the victims of sporadic outbursts of marketing.

  • To Active ParticipantsThey became connected to a like-minded community, and found their collective voice

    20 October 2015 Metia 9

  • To Co-Creators and ContributorsAre loyal stakeholders seeking a role in shaping your future products and services

    20 October 2015 Metia 10

  • Invest more time understanding: Utility



    20 October 2015 Metia 11

    Spend less time obsessing over: Customer satisfaction

    Striving for engagement

    Endless surveys

  • Shift from: Measure by value of

    individual transaction

    Alignment defined by tactics

    Personalization is defined by individual profile fields

    20 October 2015 Metia 12

    Shift to: Measure lifetime value and

    attributed community impact

    Alignment defined by common purpose

    Personalization is derived from behaviour and tribal allegiances

  • Top of funnel thinking

    Lifestyle & cultural factors

    Category perceptions

    Brand perceptions

    Product perceptions


    Customer centered marketing

    20 October 2015 Metia 13

    Our response to the changing world: We use digital and social data for both

    outside-in insights into customers and markets AND ongoing monitoring of customer and market trends we create real, active, value-driven programmatic campaign customer centered marketing

    Our analysis starts at the top-of-funnel, analyzing social and digital conversations about the passion areas that underpin the market without relationship to category (e.g. Health Insurance, Software) or brand (e.g. Nintex or Microsoft).


    vel of con


    al re


    ce to the c




  • What we believe

    Challenging the sacred cows of digital marketing

    20 October 2015 Metia 14

  • #1. I cant deliver seamless customer experience until we have overcome silo behaviours

    All people are naturally tribal, including yours. This wont change. Deal with it.

    Data should become a common language across the business

    Silo-ed functions is not the issue, its making decisions from multiple sources of the truth

    A clear insight architecture will create a single source of truth to enable consistent decision making

    20 October 2015 Metia 15

  • #2 My business is not interesting enough to create buzz through digital channels. I cant use digital data to understand my B2B customers.

    95% of social conversations do not mention a product or brandthis means that 95% of what matters relates to higher order needs

    Customer centered marketing requires top of funnel thinking to drive relevance

    Focus on the higher order problem or passion area you are solving for customers to drive improvement and innovation

    20 October 2015 Metia 16

  • #3 Minimizing my customer effort is the path to accelerated revenue

    Friction is bad, effort is not. This is particularly true in b2b where effort can mean a level of commitment to the relationship

    Customers seek a fair exchange of value

    Focus on understanding what the acceptable customer effort is that drives a mutually beneficial outcome

    20 October 2015 Metia 17

  • #4 Relying on data slows down my marketing execution

    Data is being created by customers and prospects all the time, in real time

    Data can now move at the speed of execution and customers demand a say in the experiences they consume

    Wire data to the anatomy of execution and truly drive action using the voice of the customer

    20 October 2015 Metia 18

  • #5 Personalization is only successful if I can do it 1:1

    As social truth becomes ever pervasive, the wisdom of the crowd drives behavior and perception

    Individuals make decisions in the context of a tribe so understanding the attributes of segments is increasingly valid

    Start with Persona-alization and empower the customer to further customize explicitly and implicitly

    20 October 2015 Metia 19

  • Understanding your CX DNA

    20 October 2015 Metia 20

  • Approaches to Customer Experience Management

    20 October 2015 Metia 21D

    ata DN


    CX DNAOn time Real time

    Manual: PEOPLE


  • How Metia can help to drive customer centered marketing

    20 October 2015 Metia 22D

    ata DN


    CX DNAOn time Real time

    Manual: PEOPLE


    Amplify and ScaleOptimize efforts and


    Digital Transformation Data Strategy





  • How to get started: whats your DNA?

    20 October 2015 Metia 23

    CX DNAOn time Real time

    Manual: PEOPLE




    Campaign orientated

    Lower use of digital channels

    Higher useof digital channels

    Programmatically driven


    ata DN


  • How to get started: where are you on your insight journey?

    20 October 2015 Metia 24

    What could our high net worth

    users value?

    Which of these propositions works

    best in Spain?

    How can we get customers to pay more

    for what we do?

    What would a world class support

    service look like?

    How can we leverage reward in

    our offer?What positioning does our brand

    need to seize to be sustainable?

    How are our target segments changing?

    How do prospects in Far East go about

    acquiring this product?How do our

    customers feel about corporate responsibility?

    What threat does our competitors

    new product present?

    Where does our existing customer

    experience fall down?

    What does the market know about us?

    What do prospect customers think of our existing offer?

  • Your position on the insight wheel: where to start


    Customer Research Systems

    Positioning & messaging research

    Customer Journey Mapping

    Digital ethnography Bespoke segmentation

    & persona development Top of funnel social data


    Content relevance Campaign


    Proposition development

    Proposition testing

    Taking propositions to


    Market understanding


    Cultural contexts

    Quality of customer


    Engagement with the




  • Next steps

    20 October 2015 Metia 26

    Review audience understanding

    Create a 360 degree view of the customer

    Establish Data and CX DNA and future recommendations