Re-Engineering the Connected Car

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Re-Engineering the Connected Car. Figure 1: A Basic Mock-Up of the Product. Jaime Avalos Siyuan Chen Bryan Egner David Eyster David Pierce. Introduction Project Background Project Objectives Conceptual Design Descriptions Research and Analysis Evaluation Detailed Design Conclusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Re-Engineering the Connected Car

Re-Engineering the Connected CarJaime AvalosSiyuan ChenBryan EgnerDavid EysterDavid Pierce

Figure 1: A Basic Mock-Up of the Product

{IntroductionProject BackgroundProject ObjectivesConceptual DesignDescriptionsResearch and AnalysisEvaluationDetailed DesignConclusionSources and ReferencesTable of Contents

Exciting Possibilities:

Sharing Information

Machine to Machine communication (M2M)1.0 The IoT is a global network infrastructure, linking the physical and virtual world.



Evaluation1.0 AT&T commissioned the development of a product relating to the IoT and M2M communication that would enhance daily life.

Figure 1: A Basic Mock-Up of the ProductSensors

Internet Protocol Address: IPv6


Wi-Fi2.0 The IoT is versatile and can be used to enhance the performance, safety and luxury of vehicles

3.0 Results of the first survey allowed for development of customer needs and specifications3.0 Results of the second survey allowed for a final decision to be madeProfit OptimizationMaximize revenue for AT&TIoT or M2MMust be emphasizedPracticalHas to be used in day-to-day lifeDriver focusedDriver safetyEnhances Car/ SmartphoneMust be more than a smartphoneExtra PortsMinimum of 5 wireless device connectivityDurable5-7 year life expectancy3.0 These specifications were drafted after input from market researchSmart-Pen

Car-Device Interface

Integrated House

Automated Driving System

Building Safety Sensors4.1 During the Design Process five concepts were developedSmart Pen: Livescribe Smart-Pen, $169-$249

Car- Device Interface

Integrated House: Nest

Automatic DrivingNavia

4.2 Careful customer and analysis review helped select the optimal concept.

A thermostat from Nest

Livescribes Smart-Pen

Navias autonomous carCost Internet Connectivity

Production 4.3 The Evaluation compiled research and specifications to select the concept

Initial Idea ScreeningTable 1Smart PenS/C InterfaceIntegrated HouseAutonomous CarSafety SensorsCost-11-1-11Internet-Connectivity10110Technology Available11111Comfort with Idea11001Intrusive11000Sustainable01111Intuitive/Easy to Work11000 Sum46224Initial Weighted Screening MatrixTable 2 Smart penSmartphone/Car InterfaceIntegrated House Computer Steered CarBuilding Safety Sensors 0.5 Cost-11-1-111 Internet- Connectivity101100.5Technology Available111011Comfort with Idea110-110.5Intrusive110-101Sustainable011110.5Intuitive/Easy to Work11010 Net Score3420.53Refined Screening MatrixTable 3Smart PenSmartphone/Car InterfaceIntegrated HouseAutonomous CarSafety SensorsCost-11-1-11IoT or M2M11111Practicality11101Durability11001Adaptability01101Marketability-11000Intuitive11010 Sum46204Refined Weighted MatrixTable 4 Smart PenSmartphone/Car InterfaceIntegrated HouseAutonomous CarBuilding Safety Sensors1Cost-11-1-111IoT or M2M111111Practicality111011Durability110010.5Adaptability011010.5Marketable-110000.5Intuitive11010 Weighted Sum25. The Detailed Design process led to the creation of a Systems Diagram

Utilizes AT&Ts telecommunications network

Turns car into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Devices can interface with the carThe goal of the project was to develop a product relating to the IoT and M2M communication that would enhance daily life. 1.0) IoT and M2M communication represent exciting new possibilities

2.0) Description of technology relevant to the project

3.0) The process of compiling customer needs into specifications

4.0) Brainstorming and evaluation of solutions

5.0) Creation of the Systems Diagram

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