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BigData : Connected Car


  • 1. BIG DATA & CONNECTED CAR Suresh Mandava

2. In the Beginning 3. History of Connections 170 years ago : Invention of Telegraph 100 years ago : Invention of Radio 70 years ago : First General purpose Electronic Computer 40 years ago : First Internet Connection 20 Years ago : World Wide Web 4. 201320102007 56 Exabytes per month 12.8 Billion DVDs crossing the network 21 Exabytes per month 4.8 Billion DVDs crossing the network 5 Exabytes per month 1.4 Billion DVDs crossing the network Source:CiscoVisualNetworkingIndex Explosion in the amount Information 5. Growth of Connected Devices Total 500 Million 2007 1/10th of a Device per Person on Earth Total 35 Billion 2010 5 Devices per Person on Earth Total 50 Billion 2013 7 Devices per Person on Earth Total 500 Billion~ 2020 70~ Devices per Person on Earth Source: Forrester Research, Cisco IBSG 6. Connected World Cisco says it will generate $14.4 trillion in profits by 2022. GE says it will add $10 trillion to $15 trillion in GDP by 2030. Federal government only brought in $2.45 trillion in tax revenue in 2012. 7. Evolution of Connectivity Internet connections Business and Societal Impact 8. Internet of Everything 9. In vehicle emerges a distinct computing 10. Infrastructure Innovation Virginia Smart Road 11. Autonomous Driving Cars 12. Technology to Improve Human Life's High-Tech Car Allows the Blind to Drive 13. Internet of Cars : Unlocking $1400 Benefits / per Car / per Year 14. From Building Cars to, Selling Travel Time Well Spent 15. Smart Road Pricing 16. Global Opportunity 17. Forecasted Changes in Services 18. Fuel of Internet of Cars Big Data : Analytics and Prognostics 19. Traditional Database RDBMS Storage SAN and NAS Big Data Store and Analyze Big Data Real-Time Capture, Read and Update Operations NoSQL Application Virtualized, Bare Metal and Cloud Sensor Data Logs Social Media Click Streams Mobility TrendsEvent Data Big Data 20. Every day I wake up and ask, how can I flow data better, manage data better, analyze data better? Rollin Ford (CIO, Walmart) 21. Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Google) 22. The haploid human genome occupies a total of just over 3 billion DNA base pairs that means 6 billion base pairs per diploid cell. So, given that each diploid cell contains 1.5 GB of data (this is very approximate, as I am only accounting for the diploid cells and ignoring the haploid sperm and egg cells in our body), The approximate amount of data stored in the human body is: 1.5 Gbytes x 100 trillion cells = 150 trillion Gbytes or 15010^12 x 10^9 bytes = 150 Zettabytes (10^21)!!! Source : 161,061,273,600 TeraBytes 23. Life Technologies introduced a sequencer to decode a human genome in one day for $1,000 .. 24. Connected Cars and Intelligent Highways Brings Ecosystem Disruption and Opportunity 25. Solving : Chicken and Egg Problem 26. Thank You Suresh Mandava Tom Ryan, P.E - MoDoT Special thank to my mentors : Andreas Mai, Cisco : Connected Car Flavio Bonomi, Cisco : Fog Computing, IoT