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<ul><li> 1. WSO2 @ Connected CarDeutsche Telekom / T-SystemsDr. Andreas Wichmann </li> <li> 2. WSO2 at Connected Car - Agenda1 The Concept of Connected Car what we are going to provide2 Evaluation Criteria what middleware we need3 Operational Criteria what operators like4 WSO2 Quickstart what we have verified5 WSO2 ESB Proxies what we have implemented so far6 Next Steps what we are about to add 2 </li> <li> 3. 1 3 </li> <li> 4. Connected Life &amp; Work @ Car Services of Telekom and Service Providers E-Call / B-Call at home Remote Diag. Remote Mgmt. Calendar Phone/Email Internet Communities Navigation mobile in the office Music Photos Videos Local Services Adaption for Car Drivers Connected Life &amp; Work @ Car Suitable Controls in the car Voice Control Touch Control </li> <li> 5. Connected Car Our positioning in the target markets Logistics Fleet Operators Cost-efficient and vendor- Modular retail solution independent tracking &amp; tracing for the integration of customer- of truck, trailer and goods specific processes into the vehicle Solutions OEM Consumer Flexible white label platform Cost-efficient retail solution for the integration of brand- for safe and driver-specific specific services and 3rd party usage of communication and applications infotaiment features Deutsche Telekoms contribution We connect the vehicle with its environment and the driver with his private and professional services. </li> <li> 6. Connected Car Intelligence in the cloud (open system) All services on all screens! @Car @Mobile @Office @Home Embedded Retail Solution Connected Car Platform OEM Services Telekom Services 3rd Party Services Central Platform Services Identity Management Billing Installation &amp; Updates Security </li> <li> 7. Connected Car Dynamics of open platform OEM Suppliers White Label White Label Telco Provider Devices Connected Car Platform Any to any Enabling Services Any to any Identity Installation &amp; Secu- Management Billing Updates rity Revenue Revenue Share Revenue Share Share Service Provider Government Content Provider </li> <li> 8. Connected Car Platform based on existing and future standards Client Backend Infrastructure Operating Standards e.g. OMA-DM Security Standards e.g. SSL, SAML Application/Service Standards e.g. eCall Embedded Protocol Standards Standard Architecture Standard OSS/ BSS Architectures, e.g. http/https GENiVi, OSGi, GPRS SMS Interface SOAP Smartphone REST Standards Existing Platforms e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, Connected External Services OMA-DM = Open Mobile Alliance - Device Management, OSS/BSS = Operational Support Services / Business Support Services OSGi = Open Services Gateway initiative, SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol, REST = Representational State Transfer </li> <li> 9. Connected Car Architecture Client / Device Cloud / Central Embedded Smartphone Central Platform Display device Network Core Services / Contents Management National Internat. Core Services National, Stolen International/ Vehicle Navi- Musi 3rd Party Provider eCall E-Mail Trackin gation c g M2M Platform TSP1) De/Activation, Management Platform (ECCP) Mgmt. Platform (ECCP) Management Platform (CCCP) Configuration Enabling Services: Enabling Services: Netw. Services, Enabling Services: Remote Device Management Rights Management HMI Rating, Billing, Remote Device Mgmt. Rights Mgmt. Monitoring Identity Management Monitoring Ident. Mgmt. Monitoring/ Security GPS Positioning Security Portal Server OTA Communication Portal Reporting OTA Commun. Onboard Communication Unit (OCU) Hardware Network Data Center Infrastructure CAN Controller WiFi CPU/ Storage Bluetooth Power Management SIM Security GPS SIM SIM 1) TSP = Telematics Service Provider DT Offering OEM Offering 3rd Party Offering </li> <li> 10. Central Connected Car Platform (CCCP) - Big Picture Core Services External SOA Service Device Gateway Backplane Integrator TCP M2M-TCP Admin DT Payment SMS cache cache cache cache Security Security Security Security Security Security Security Security Services Service Integration Bus SOAP Content Provider JSON CallCenter httphttp Protocol Buffer External Handlers Queues CRM Download Gateway External Billing TCP Security Security Security Security Security Security Security Security cache TCP External http Paymenthttp Operational Support Services Business Support Services OEM Plattform Service Portal Central Database Services Portal TCP Solutions Security Security Security Security Security Security Security Security TCP cache cache cache cache http Enabling Services Rentalhttp...</li></ul>


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