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  • High Integrity Supplier within the Engineering Industry


  • PDG provide a high quality service to suit our clients throughout, adhering to their

    requirements and expectations

  • Sectors

    Oil & Gas Petrochemical LNG & FLNG


    Marine &Shipbuilding



    Pharmaceutical Commercial Mineral & Metals

    Project Design Group Ltd

    We specialise in Project Management,

    Quality Assurance, Quality Control,

    Auditing, Multi-Discipline Commercial

    & Engineering, Design, 3D Modelling,

    2D Draughting and 3D Laser Site

    surveying on various projects

    throughout the UK and overseas.

    Some of PDGs personnel project examples were Seadragon SC01 & SC02 Semi-Submersible drilling platform, Shell Prelude FLNG, Yamal On-Shore LNG, Martin Linge HPHT Topside fixed jacketed platform, Dong Energy HPHT Topsides fixed leg jacketed platform, Jasmine Full Field Development, BP Quad 204 Subsea project to name a few.

    At PDG we always ensure a high level of Quality, Health and Safety taking our core values to the highest standards for our customers.

    Providing best in class in the North East of England. Local competitive rates, ensuring clash free and right first time philosophys, on time and within budget for our clients and their existing or proposed commercial & engineering digital assets. We at PDG believe every physical asset should have a digital counterpart.

    Our clients are extremely important to us, we build a professional relationship with those involved at all times through our multi-discipline collaborative working methods.

    PDG provide a quality service to suit our clients throughout, adhering to their requirements and expectations, design practices, codes and standards. Our extensive engineering experience has taken our workforce around the world working for and alongside the industries major companies. With this experience to hand Project Design Group are able to deliver small to large complex projects including PAUs and Turnkey projects.

  • Mission Statement

    At PDG our mission is to provide our customers with the highest of quality within all of our services

    ensuring that all of our projects are deliveredclash free, safely, on time and within budget.

  • Our vision is to become a leading

    high integrity supplier of project

    management, Engineering, Design, 3D

    intelligent modelling, 2D draughting

    and 3D Digital HDR Laser site surveying

    supply service company to our industry

    sectors. Maintaining our professionalism

    and confidence to all of our clients

    through our core values with innovation

    and continuous quality improvements

    adhering to our Quality Plan, health and

    safety and the environment.

    At Project Design Group we achieve this by remaining

    committed to our core values at all times.

    PDG will achieve this by:

    Building the brand equity

    Maintaining focus on repeat business

    Continued expansion of our services

    Increasing operating capacity and quality

    Attracting the best in class skilled white and blue-collar labour and management personnel.

    Establishing long term strategic partnerships with all of our client and customers based on mutual understanding, respect, innovation and collaboration.

    Continuously improving our abilities by investing into the business of up to date training of all our staff and contract personnel in their career development programs.

    To encourage innovation and creativity to provide unique tailored solutions that are fully focused on the needs of our client and their requirements.

    QHSE/ Quality objectives

  • PDG Beleive for every Physical Asset there should be a Digital Asset.

  • Services

    Project Management

    Project Design Group offer project management and engineering services across all of our service industries. Execution, planning, monitoring, controlling and closing out of projects.

    All of PDGs Project Management team and their activities respects our engineering, design, 3D modeling and 2D draughting ensuring our collaborative multi-discipline working methods across all of our projects and associated activities.

    Here at PDG we use innovative methods via cloud based Project Management Software and engineering systems which enable all of our Project Managers to quickly access any of our past or present projects from any computer or mobile device whilst either in our office or on site giving us the flexibility to enable PDG to actively manage our projects and their associated KPIs, Goals, Milestones, project constraints to suit whatever size of project in the cloud at all times.


    PDG provides a Process Engineering service to suit client requirements using AVEVA Diagrams for intelligent P&IDs that are interfaced to our 3D Digital Models. Our Process Engineering team can meet the ever changing demands of the most challenging of projects, ranging from Process Flow Simulation through to specifying Equipment, Pipework and instrumentation & control. Project Design Groups Process team coordinate strictly with our multi-discipline engineering 3D modeling and 2D draughting teams to generate a best in class service to ever expanding sectors.

    Piping Engineering Design

    Project Design Groups piping department use the latest industry 3D Design. Modeling, Co-Ordination Engineering software systems to ensure all our Piping Design is clash free at all times for our clients. We are able to provide Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Detail Design, Design Isometrics and Fabrication Isometrics. Construct and Destruct (Decommissioning) Isometrics, drawings and philosophies. Site services support from our well-equipped Multi-Discipline offices or at the clients site location.

    PDG has demonstrated excellence in delivery in past and present UK & global projects throughout all of our industry sectors. With the assistance of our fabrication partner we are able to fabricate all piping systems and associated spools complete with full traceability, weld mapping adhering to clients design practices, standards & industry codes. Ensuring excellence, quality, health and safety.

    Piping Stress Analysis

    Project Design Group provides piping stress analysis (static and dynamic) assistance across all of our industry sectors using the latest code compliant CAE (Computer aided engineering) software systems.

    Our piping stress analysis software of choice is the latest innovative Coade Caesar ii piping stress analysis engineering software system ensuring all designed pipework is engineered and designed within the allowable boundary stress conditions according to the applicable codes and are achieved at all times satisfying 3rd party vendor equipment allowable nozzle loads etc.

    At PDG we use FE/Pipe for all our Finite Element Analysis problems on both piping and their associated pipe supports. Nozzle Pro is used for FEA within Nozzles, Saddles, pipe shoes and clips etc.

  • We are aiming to become one of the industry leaders in the use and implementation of 2D and 3D CAD commercial and engineering software application systems and their associated add-on packages.

  • Services

    Piping Support Engineering & Design

    Project Design Groups Pipe Support team have a proven track record of delivering the most complex pipe support systems, multi-discipline supports designed during the layout stage to code compliant industry standards and client specifications.

    With our Multi-Discipline support systems there are several benefits such as, great savings on steelwork tonnage resulting in price and weight savings, waste and ease of installation at the project construction site. Static and Dynamic Hydraulic Struts & Snubbers, Constant and Variable spring hangers, variable Base spring supports. Clamped pipe support systems, Welded pipe support systems which satisfy our piping stress analysis boundary conditions at all times adhering to client and industry code compliance.

    With the assistance of our fabrication partner we are able to fabricate all Clamped & Welded pipe support systems and shipped to your site location ready for installation.

    Mechanical Engineering & Design

    Project Design Groups experienced mechanical design and engineering department permits our company to provide to our clients a quality, outstanding, professional grade 3D mechanical design complete with documentation and product simulation analysis using our 3D CAD/CAE software systems.

    HVAC Engineering & Design

    Project Design Groups HVAC engineering and design department is a sub-discipline of our Mechanical department, engineering to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and refrigeration. At PDG we design our HVAC systems to UK Specs, Norsok or Smacna codes and standards. Delivering solutions to the highest of quality adhering to health and safety at all times during our live projects. With our sub-contractors we also have the facilities to fabricate the ductwork, specialised items and components for HVAC systems meeting all clients requirements and industry standards, codes and design practices.

    3D Modelling & 2D Draughting

    Project Design group are aiming to become one of the industry leaders in the use and implementation of 2D and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) commercial and engineering software application systems and their associated add-on packages. PDG offer a partial or full 2D & 3D CAD service through to innovative intelligent 3D modelling digital data assets, simulation & animation of small to complex projects covering all of our preferred industries listed in our website. 2D draughting of all multi-discipline activities utilising the latest industry specific CAD/CAE technology software systems. Our software of choice for On-Shore/Offshore Engineering is the latest innovative digital asset development software AVEVA PDMS & E3D(Plant Design Management System & Everything 3D).

    At Project Design Group we have over 25 years of experience utilising AVEVA systems and their suites ranging from basic 3D modelling to global project administration and coordination with various satellite installations throughout the UK and internationally using the impressive AVEVA Global software. Coordination and creation of client and vendor catalogue 3D data elements, piping catalogue components and specifications (Cats & Specs), structural catalogue and specs, Electrical and instrument catalogue and specs creation, HVAC catalogue & specification creation. Clash manager setup & coordination, importing and exporting vendor equipment models to various other CAD CAE software systems.

    With PDG utilising AVEVA E3D this allows us to import our 3D laser scanning surveys via the point cloud data into our 3D models for our brownfield or greenfield projects allowing PDG to design clash free at all times. PDGs AVEVA experience of BIM collaborative 3D modeling, coordination and Administration is of the highest standard and quality. We are also specialised in the use of the AutoDesk suite and its associated products with AutoCAD experience since 1988 up to and including AutoCad 2016, Revit 2016 BIM Software including the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Piping), Bentley Microstation experience uo to and including V8i, Trimble TEKLA 21.1 steelwork design & detailing keeping our employees up to date with training to suit our needs and of our clients.

  • A proven track record of delivering the most complex piping support systems,

    multi-discipline supports designed during the layout stage to code compliant industry standards.

  • Services

    Civil & Structural

    Project Design Groups Civil and Structural department are experienced utilising the latest industry CAD/CAE software systems creating complex Civil and Structural design with industry code compliant software to ensure all of our designs and adhered to the relevant clients, design practices, codes and standards at all times.

    We can engineer, model, design, clash free, on time and within budget. Our software of choice for all of our 3D modelling is AVEVA Plant PDMS & E3D for Brownfield projects whereas at PDG we will use our 3D laser scanning capabilities to show the point cloud model in our new project model for our clients.

    Using our multi-discipline collaborative working methods we are able to layout the clients site with emphasis on the importance of our clash free 3D modelling plant layouts and 2D design.

    Structural Stress Analysis

    PDG provide Structural Stress Analysis and FEA studies, engineering and design to determine the effects of loads on physical structures and their associated components. PDGs CAE engineering design software system of choice is Bentleys SACS and STAAD Pro, we also have the facility to utilise GTStrudl Structural Analysis.

    For our Finite Element Structural Analysis studies and engineering design, our software of choice is the outstanding ANSYS CAE engineering software application system. Which enables us to solve complex structural engineering problems, making better, faster design decisions. Covering Composites, Durability, Impact, Optimization, Rigid Body dynamics, Strength analysis, Thermal analysis & Vibration.

    Electrical, Instrumentation & Control

    Project Design Groups Electrical, Instrumentation and Control engineering department provides a partial or full design service to UK and international latest codes and industry standards. Projects range from design to start-up through to ongoing electrical and instrumentation operational and maintenance services.

    PDGs proactive company ethos and core standards allow us to integrate with our clients and their requirements throughout every stage of their project and assets.

    In our offices we can engineer, design, 3D model all Electrical and Instrumentation and their associated cable trays/racking systems integrated into our 3D multi-discpline project models ensuring a clash free status which is beneficial for installation of vendor equipment. 3D modeling of all general and emergency lighting, junction boxes and panels, switchgear, cable racking and trays, telecoms and public address systems.

    3D Site Surveying Services

    Project Design Group are industry leaders providing excellent quality 3D laser scanning survey data acquisition of 3D images for onshore, offshore, engineering and commercial projects. 3D Laser imaging represents the partial or full existing digital data for our clients assets. With this surveying method and our multi-discipline collaborative working methods and procedures.

    PDG are able to deliver an accurate intelligent 3D digital data model for all of our clients. PDG use only the best in class 3D laser scanners such as the Leica Geosystems Scanstation P30 & P40 scanners that offer high quality, 3D data and HDR imaging, high versatility including long range capabilities delivering outstanding range, speed and data quality whenever and wherever required.

    Giving our clients the perfect scanning solution, Speeds up to 1mio points per second at ranges from 0.4m up to 270m, field of view Horizontal 360 and vertically 290. With Dual axis compensation providing the foundation for the highest of quality...