PD2014 Framing Youth

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  • 1. WELCOME! The Practice Discipleship Initiative March 10, 2014

2. Introducing Dawn Trautman LutheranLifeCoach.com 3. Practice Discipleship Initiative Leadership Development for the sake of Faith Formation 4. FRAME 1. Framing Life Biblically 2. Framing Youth 3. Framing Failure with Forgiveness 4. Framing Christian Community 5. Framing the Vision: Seeing Things New 6. Framing the Path: Practicing Things New 5. Introducing Dr. Jeremy Myers Augusburg College augsburg.edu Framing Youth 6. FRAMING YOUTH Jeremy Myers | Augsburg College GOALS: 1.Recognize the source of our stereotypes about youth 2.Understand how this view of youth limits our ministry with them 3.Begin imagining a new way of thinking about youth & how it might shape our ministry 7. 1. Moratorium 2. Cultural Anxieties 3. Child Labor Laws 4. The Great Depression 5. The High School 8. (1904) Halls Moratorium Unique phase of life Storm and stress Raging hormones 9. Cultural Anxieties Race relations Gender roles Nation building 10. NationalChildLaborCommittee(1904) 11.


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