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Framing Christian Community

WELCOME!The Practice Discipleship InitiativeSeptember 11, 2014

IntroducingDawn TrautmanLutheranLifeCoach.com


Practice Discipleship InitiativeLeadership Development for the sake of Faith Formation

3FRAMEFraming Life BiblicallyFraming YouthFraming Failure with ForgivenessFraming Christian CommunityFraming the Vision: Seeing Things NewFraming the Path: Practicing Things New4IntroducingRev. Josh GraberMission Developer, ALT Yearaltyear.orgFraming Christian Community

5Framing Christian CommunitySESSION DESCRIPTION:This lesson will present a way of walking alongside individual young people, communities and families as we help them frame their lives by learning through relationships with surrounding community, learning from anintentionalcommunity and learning about yourself through community. We will explore practices of faith that help us frame our lives in solitude and in community.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?Overview and FocusThis lesson will introduce tools to help participants re-imagine Christian community through deepening an understanding of self and discovery of the gifts revealed in Christian community.


1) Exploring how we live out Lutheran identity with the world.2) Introducing of tools for self-reflection and honoring those we meet, so that we may be more fully in relationship with them.3) Understanding the art of listening carefully to another persons story is counter-cultural and strengthens Christian community.4) Introducing practices that help us see Luthers priesthood of all believers, by drawing out the abundance of faith practices, gifts, and wisdom already present within our communities.

The Simplest Exercises Can Be the Best Teaching Tools

After This PD Session:

***Math accuracy not guaranteed. *Improvement in flexibility and karate skills not guaranteed.

**Studies show that 60% of the time, the crane kick works every time.

Rev. Joshua GraberMission Developer for ALT YearWHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Abundant Life Together is shaped and guided by the following CORE VALUES:Young Adults: we value the strengths, energy, and questions young adults (age 18-25) bring to Gods ongoing activity in the world.Cultivating Faith: we are inspired by the joys and challenges of a relationship with Jesus that leads us into an adventure of faith given through the gift of the gospel. Courageous Experimentation: we promote creativity, curiosity, critical reflection, and proactive initiative as a way of living out discipleship at the intersection of church and culture.Abundant Community: we value the wisdom and gifts discovered through relationships and collaboration between the host communities, ALT participants, and local congregations, bringing people together of different generations, cultures, and life-experiences.Vital Partnerships: we value the community and mutuality that forms when trust and respect permeate our relationships with each other and with the local and larger church, allowing for growth, learning, and transformation. ABUNDANT


Purpose Statement of ALT:

As a ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,Abundant Life Together provides young adults with a year apart in intentional community to explore vocation through theological, practical, and shared learning that transforms communities as participants grow together through personal reflection, rich relationships, leadership, and service.

What Does Luther Mean to You?

A Church Called FreeFREEDOM!For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm therefore and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1ABUNDANT LIFE I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10TOGETHER Community living at the Intersection of Church and Culture.Free to invite others into Abundant Life Together.SO WHY LEARN A SMART WORD LIKE RHETORIC?The art of interpreting and persuading.Those that know how to communicate and care about their audience will have a better chance at persuading them, but rhetoric is also about honoring the other and listening to them.This is a lost art and is extremely counter-cultural in the ethnically and economically separated, red-blue, us vs. them America of older generations, but youth and young adults understand this concept and are ready for this concept.EXAMPLE OF RHETORIC IN ACTION

TECUMSEH AND HIS MEETING WITH GENERAL HARRISONThe Magical Rhetorical TriangleA tool for attentive meetings and relationshipsEXPERIENCESRELATIONSHIPSCULTURES/COMMUNITIESTRADITIONSMEETINGANOTHER PERSONCONTEXTLETS SHARE SOME OF OUR STORY.Dont look here! Look at the Feed!Share Cultures/Communities/Traditions that shape your lens on life and the world.Share Experiences and Relationships that have changed your life and perspective.Share the places and setting for this conversation for you [Location, Current Events in Your Life and in the World]Note whether anyones offerings make your curious or interested in hearing more of their storiesCommon Cultures/Communities/TraditionsSome assumptions:Mostly U.S. ResidentsChristianLutheranismFamiliarity with church cultureCommunities, Cultures, Traditions that shape the way we see the world

1977-78 Holden Village Winter CommunityThe Magical Rhetorical TriangleA tool for attentive meetings and relationshipsEXPERIENCESRELATIONSHIPSCULTURES/COMMUNITIESTRADITIONSMEETINGANOTHER PERSONCONTEXTExperiences and relationships that change the way we see the world and our calls. Tombotsoa SchoolAntsirabe, MadagascarMedia Village, Cape Town, South Africa

Visits to unique young adult communities in Europe, Africa, and U.S. helped Josh understand his calling to start ALT Year.An experience that changed American Culture and the way we live our lives

The Magical Rhetorical TriangleA tool for attentive meetings and relationshipsEXPERIENCESRELATIONSHIPSCULTURES/COMMUNITIESTRADITIONSMEETINGANOTHER PERSONCONTEXTThe Challenge of MeetingWhat are some of the things that get in the way when we meet someone new or different than we are ?

Our Christian Context for Meeting Someone New Is Holy Ground!We are FREED to meet new people and this can be a liberating experience for them, and a reminder of the gospel message for us and them.

This place of meeting is where we have an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of the other, remembering that Paul in Ephesians calls us Gods masterpieces (NLT) and that Jesus says, wherever two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them (Mt: 18:20).

Beyond Lets Get CoffeeRelational MeetingsCongregation-Based Community Organizing

Questions that stir the soul, unmask the real person, unveil passions, creates new ideas, connections, and possibilities.

The Holy Spirit works through the sharing of our stories to reveal God at work in our lives in the past, present, and future. We are all WITNESSES!

Relational Meeting Questions1) Whats a moment in your life where you felt Gods presence? 2) What are some of your hobbies? Do any of them connect with your faith or your understanding of God?3) Whats a scripture passage that has spoken to you in your life? Why?4) Do you think of yourself as a creative person? Do you want to be?5) Are you free? What holds you back?/How do you remind yourself you are free?6) Whats a moment when you questioned Gods presence?7) When do you hear the voice of Jesus in your life? How do you experience the love of God in your life?

How can you create a venue for these people to share our stories and perspectives with each other as community (practice witness)?

A blog, website.A church serviceAn education hour seriesA Lenten seriesA youth group sessionVideo interviews after an initial one-to-oneshared in church, YouTube, etc..EXAMPLES:EXPANDING THE WITNESSQUESTIONS AND ANSWERSHeres where you can ask follow up questions by typing them into the Live Feed!FRAMING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CONTACTS:For more information about Relational Meetings and Congregation-Based Community Organizing: http://www.elca.org/Resources/Congregational-Based-OrganizingOR Contact Rev. Susan L. EnghDirector, Synodical Partners for Mission and Congregation-based Organizing800-638-3522, ext. 2731

FRAMING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CONTACTS:If you know youth or young adults interested in having a relational meeting or if you would like to have further guidance or training in doing relational meetings for youth and young adult meetings please contact josh@altyear.org FRAMING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CONTACTS:FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ALT YEAR AND WAYS TO SUPPORT THE ALT YEAR MOVEMENT GO TO www.altyear.orgORcontact Pastor Josh at josh@altyear.org

IF YOU KNOW OF ANY YOUTH OR YOUNG ADULTS THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN HAVING AN ALT YEAR EXPERIENCE, PLEASE CONTACT JOSH OR HAVE THEM CONTACT JOSH RIGHT AWAY FOR AN INITIAL CONVERSATIONFRAMING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CONTACTS:L.I.F.E in Service (Lutheran Immersion and Formation Experiences) GET TO KNOW US!ALT Year (Abundant Life Together)Toledo, OH and other sitesBorder Servant Corps (Spanish Language Immersion) Texas and New Mexico Lutheran Volunteer Corps Service year opportunities in dozens of houses in multiple areasUrban Servant Corps (Service Year with Debt Relief & mountains)Denver, COYoung Adults in Global Mission (YAGM)Provides a growing number of mission of short-term mission experiences around the worldContact eflomo@lutheranvolunteercorps.org or go to http://www.ecla.org/en/our-work/congregations-and-synods/young-adult-ministry/ministries A Big, Beautiful, Bold Challenge1) Will you have a relational meeting with the youth and young adults you know?2) Will you listen to them and learn from them, and with your knowledge of the church, help them find the opportunities and people in the church that can help them grow into their calls as a Christian and identity as a child of God?3) Will you help me in a movement to offer this service to every youth and young adult in the ELCA, and as outreach to others seeking such care and guidance?THANK YOU!!! GO IN PEACE TO LOVE AND FREE YOUR NEIGHBOR!God you have created and shaped amazing people and I am one of them. Never let us lose our sense of wonder when we meet another of your children. As we hear another persons stories of pain, fears, courage, hope, and faith help us grow closer to each other and closer to you. Help us share your love, the freedom we know in Jesus, and the abundance of gifts we know in you! Amen.

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