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PAHARPUR 3P-BUSINESS · PDF file Mohammed Nadeem . Page 1 of 5 PAHARPUR 3P-BUSINESS ETHICS At Paharpur-3P, ... • We continuously search for new and better ways of doing things –

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Text of PAHARPUR 3P-BUSINESS · PDF file Mohammed Nadeem . Page 1 of 5 PAHARPUR 3P-BUSINESS ETHICS At...



    This document defines the behavioural framework and values we, at

    Pahrpur-3P, are committed to and it is up to each of us to put those values into action.

    It defines how we should conduct ourselves with integrity, both as team

    members and as decision-makers.

    Read this thoroughly and keep it as a reference. Although it covers a number of ethical and business issues it may not resolve or address every

    question that you may have or every situation that you may encounter. In those circumstances, use good judgment and do not hesitate to seek


    Contact your Human Resources representative for more detailed corporate

    and local policies. When in doubt, always remember that ethical behaviour takes precedence over profits, sales, career advancement or other

    standards of business success.

    The reputation of Paharpur-3P is formed by the relationships that we have with our customers, team members, and the communities in which we

    work and live.

    Mohammed Nadeem

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    At Paharpur-3P, we are committed to creating and maintaining an ethical business culture based on the values embodied in this ‘Paharpur-3P Business Ethics’ document. The document defines our essence as a company and our collective commitment to what it means to be a part of Paharpur-3P and put those values into action. Paharpur-3P is an organization of high integrity where we continuously strive to delight our customers, make it a great place to work and operate as good corporate citizens. We do this by basing our everyday decisions and actions on the highest ethical standards. This guide provides the framework by which we operate and conduct our business.

    Our Vision: To enrich people's lives by providing access to a wide variety of safe and affordable products through sustainable packaging materials

    Our Mission: To become a world class market leader in our segment by providing innovative solutions for our customers, generating the best return in the industry and becoming the best place to work for our employees

    Our Values: a) Integrity Honesty, Ethics, Transparency & Accountability

    • We will not sacrifice integrity for profit or look the other way when faced with

    questionable situations. • We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all of our business


    b) Respect Safety, Health, Teamwork, and Performance

    • We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our team members. • We strive to provide quality products that are safe to use. • We treat all of our team members, customers and suppliers with respect and dignity.

    c) Improvement

    • We are committed to providing quality products and services. • We continuously search for new and better ways of doing things – focusing on the

    elimination of waste and continual improvement. d) Servant Leadership and Leading by Example

    • We work to serve the needs of our customers and team members. • We lead by example and coach those we lead to attain their maximum potential.

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    Who Must Follow These Ethics: All team members are expected to carefully read and must adhere to this guide, regardless of whether the individuals are regular, temporary or contractual. All contractors, consultants, representatives, agents and others who may be temporarily assigned to work for or provide services to the company will comply with this in connection with any work or services performed. It is important to note that the company reserves the right to modify or revise this at any time, with or without notice, subject to applicable law. Please note that this does not set forth all policies and guidelines applicable to every team member.

    1. Business Integrity and Ethical Standards Policy: The organisation has well documented Business Integrity and Ethical Standards Policy (Annexure-A).

    Paharpur-3P management team members and any team members who have supervisory responsibilities, have a special responsibility for instilling a culture of unwavering integrity, ethical business practices, and a commitment to this document. Managers must lead by example and set a tone of absolute compliance. Managers cannot ignore violations or potential violations of any requirements in this document that they learn of through any means; rather, managers are required to report their concerns and the basis for their concerns to their superiors.

    Failure to comply with this may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Paharpur-3P, at its discretion, may take other appropriate action, such as training or revising of policies and processes.

    2. Health & Safety:

    To be the best place to work, Paharpur-3P has to be a safe place to work. Your safety is important to many people: your family, your co-workers and your community. We comply with all safety laws and believe that safety comes before anything else. We recognise that the work that we perform and the environment in which we work may have health and safety risks. Team members must know and comply with all safety standards, laws and regulations that apply to their jobs. Team members should never take risks that could endanger themselves or others in doing their jobs. We strive to eliminate accidents in all of our facilities by ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all team members and others in the plant, and by looking for ways to continuously improve. If you have any safety concerns, bring them to the attention of your manager, FH-EHS, FH- HR, or anyone else in the management.

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    3. Discrimination and Fair Treatment The best place to work provides a positive work environment where everyone is treated with respect, dignity and fairness. Discrimination or retaliation against team members on any basis will not be tolerated. Our working relationships need to reflect our commitment to fairness and respect, and be business-like and free of any bias or prejudice.

    We have a performance-oriented culture. This means that our individual performance and achievement of goals determines our advancement and compensation. Your gender, sexual orientation, age, race, national origin and/or identity and belief system, whom you know, where you went to school, or to whom you are related do not matter at Paharpur-3P. Performance and/or job qualifications are the only acceptable differentiators in the hiring, advancement and treatment of all team members. Only when we operate with this objectivity, will we move towards achieving our vision.

    4. Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Violence Each of us should be treated and should treat others with respect and dignity. There is no room in Paharpur-3P culture for harassment, bullying or violence of any kind, in any work- related setting. This includes business trips, business meetings and/or business-related social events. We expect this same standard of behaviour to apply both to our team members and to all others with whom we work, such as outside vendors, consultants and customers. Harassment can take many forms – verbal, nonverbal, physical or sexual. Harassment is any behaviour that makes others feel unwelcome, uncomfortable or is intended to intimidate or prevent them from effectively performing their job. Examples include negative stereotyping, threats or intimidation, demeaning jokes, and circulating or posting inappropriate materials. Sexual harassment can include a range of behaviours, some more subtle than others, such as unwelcome advances, demeaning comments, jokes, language or gestures.

    5. Commitment to Product Quality and Safety

    Being a responsible corporate citizen requires that we provide quality products that are safe to use. The products manufactured by Paharpur-3P should meet all applicable laws, regulations and standards for use. To accomplish continual improvement of our products and services, we listen to our customers and strive to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity. By doing this, we believe our customers will view us as the most customer responsive company in the industry.

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    6. With Our Customers and Marketplace

    Our team members must conduct business with transparency that can stand the test of anyone’s scrutiny. In addition to being the best place to work, we strive to be the most customer responsive company in the industry as determined by our customers. We are driven by our mission to delight customers with value-added offerings that exceed their current and future needs. We will achieve this by competing fairly, with the highest level of integrity, in every market where we operate. This is integral to our operations and key to our long-term success.

    We operate with integrity in the marketplace and compete based on the merits of the products we produce and the services we provide. We deal honestly and fairly with our customers, suppliers, team members, business partners, competitors and other stakeholders. Team members must never misrepresent facts, conceal information, abuse confidential information or use manipulation to obtain an unfair advantage when conducting business on behalf of Paharpur-3P.

    7. Tra

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