Online Personal Branding - Helping Manage Your Career

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Online Personal Branding - Helping Manage Your Career. Presented By: Christopher J. Bilotta Resource Development Company, Inc. . Introduction. Purpose Discuss personal branding and its use in - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Online Personal Branding - Helping Manage Your Career

    Presented By: Christopher J. Bilotta Resource Development Company, Inc.

  • IntroductionPurposeDiscuss personal branding and its use in career management and job search Provide tips on how to define and market your online personal brand Presenter ProfilePresident, RDC, Inc., HR Consulting Firm15 years executive search & career consultingCPRW, CPADrexel University: BS Business, MBA

  • How A Product Differs From A BrandA product is made; a brand is made up of trust and relationships A product is a value delivered; a brand is a personality A product is sold by a merchant; a brand is bought by a customerA product can be easily copied by a competitor; a brand is unique

  • Product vs. Brand

  • Personal Branding - The Beginning Coined in 1997 by Tom Peters in a Fast Company article titled The Brand Called You

    Peters wrote, Regardless of age, position, or the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies. Our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.

  • Personal Branding Defined

    Achieving personal and professional goals by differentiating yourself and articulating your unique value through a consistent message.

    Authored by Allison Tibbs,, 7/7/09

  • Breaking the Definition Down - 1Achieving personal and professional goals

    Everyone has or should have goals that they set, whether personal or professional. There is no benefit to setting goals if you dont strive to reach them. Your Personal Brand can provide the extra step needed to reach those goals.

  • Breaking the Definition Down - 2Differentiating yourself by articulating your unique value

    Your Personal Brand can be the deciding factor on whether you are promoted or hired. If your Personal Brand is not viewed as valuable and unique, you offer no compelling reason to be considered. It is important that your brand stands out from the competition.

  • Breaking the Definition Down - 3Through a consistent message

    A successful personal brand is one that is consistent. If it isnt, you run the risk of confusing your target audience. Once confusion sets in, your credibility suffers and you will not be taken seriously. If you confuse your audience, you lose your audience.

  • Your Personal Brand Is NotArtificially created or manufacturedJust a logo or tag lineSelf-centered or self-indulgent

    Is IntrinsicAuthenticIndividual

  • Your Brand Stand Out in A Crowd

    We all have brands worthy of remark.- Tom Peters

  • Defining Your Personal BrandYour personal brand is what others think of you

    strengths skillspersonal traitspassions how you add value

  • Being Real A Branding ExperimentPoll a select group of 50 people including co-workers, associates, clients, friends, etc.Ask them to write down 3 words that quickly come to mind that they feel best describe youDo the sameMatch your internal brand to the external brand you have projected Do others perceive your brand as you do?Turn perceptions into strengths

  • Be Found Would you buy something from a company that doesnt have a website?What do you do before you buy?Research probably on GoogleEmployers do too 75% Google candidatesDont be a Digital Question MarkYou want positive results when someone Googles your name

  • Your Online PresenceGoogle quotient (GQ)The Digital Scale Are You DigitallyDistinctDabblingDisastrousDissedDisguised

  • Online Personal BrandingBrand central Your domain name Your personal websiteSocial networksLinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.BloggingConversing/Commenting on other blogs

  • Marketing Your BrandEverything you do mattersBe consistentPay attention to substance and styleWord of mouth marketing is keyNurture your networkGive to get

  • Benefits of Personal BrandingEnhances self-awarenessClarifies goalsCreates visibility and presenceDifferentiates you Puts you in controlCreates wealthIncreases staying power

  • Next StepsEducate Yourself JobMetrx Blog www.jobmetrx.comCalculate your Google Your Personal BrandEstablish/Enhance Social Media ProfilesRegister your Domain Name www.GoDaddy.comBuild Content Articles, Whitepapers, etc.Develop a Personal Website / Blog