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  • E L E V A T E

    A C U R A

  • THE CHALLENGE Elevate Acuras brand perception from a premium mass brand to a luxury brand, through its supercar, the NSX. Create a breakthrough digital and social campaign that disrupts the noise during March Madness.

  • THE INSIGHT People want to participate in something worthwhile. They respond positively to causes online and want to share their own experiences.

  • OUR OPPORTUNITY To engage with people on a human level. To celebrate personal challenges and accomplishments. To take people on a journey, and to show how, after 3 years of careful engineering, the NSX has risen to go beyond its title of supercar.


  • NSX RISE AGAIN A journey across the country in Acuras supercar, to find those who are ready, just like the NSX, to rise again. Stops along the way bring luxury and the ultimate experience to people in the area. And the grand finale? An exclusive, VIP trip to the final games in Houston, Texas, for our brave Risers.

  • SUBMISSIONS We will encourage people to participate by posting about a challenge they want to overcome and how they would like to rise again.

  • THE ROUTE Four NSX supercars start at four corners of the USA and make their way to Houston, Texas.

  • THE DRIVERS NCAA Basketball MVPs in the last 15 years Each one has a social reach of over 30,000 people

    Rip Hamilton Luke Hancock Mateen Cleaves Shane Battier

  • THE STOPS Track the NSX on Google Maps to see where it will stop.


  • Head to the location and experience the car for yourself.


    The NSX Experience W 5th Ave3.20.163pm

  • Learn about its features, sit in the drivers seat, share online.

    #NSX #NSXRiseAgain Just dropped 100Gs on my new rideWilliam K

    William K 1h


  • THE FINAL Those who get the most likes, retweets and shares of their #NSXRiseAgain videos get VIP tickets to the final games in Houston.

  • Risers get a driving experience, game tickets, hotel and afterparties.